10 Ways On How To Get Rid Of Ants Naturally And Fast

During rainy seasons or warm weather, many people find that the ants entering their houses and as gardens.

Indeed, ant are known as social insects. They live in colonies ranging in size from a few hundred or even millions of ants, which depends on the species.

has different types of ants. However, the most popular home-invading ants are pavement, acrobat, Pharaoh, odorous house, and carpenter ants.

House-invasive ants can enter the food, damage property or cause stinging bites. In addition, these small creatures can also harm plants.

Coating with ants can be very frustrating. People often use pesticides for the ants; however, the chemicals contained in pesticides are very harmful to humans and the environment. Therefore, in this article, VKool.com will provide for you with 10 natural and non-toxic ways on how to get rid of ants naturally and quickly at home. These solutions can be time consuming and sometimes make them impatient, but will provide good results to meet this condition. The following article includes information from many reliable sources. Keep reading this to understand more!

10 Ways How to get rid of ants naturally and fast

1. White vinegar

white vinegar

This white vinegar ants also give an eviction order of their facilities. They can not stand the strong smell of vinegar. In addition, its scent also makes a mask traces of smell and ants lose the address.

  • You just mix the white vinegar and water in a proportion equal.
  • to the mixture is poured into a spray bottle and add a few drops of an essential oil (olive oil or coconut oil) thereto.
  • this bottle is shaken thoroughly and use it to spray around baseboards and other entry points.
  • After an hour, a damp paper towel is used to clean the ants and discard them.
  • should apply this solution crossbar once a day until the ants have gone completely.
  • Furthermore, it is also possible to use this solution of white vinegar to clean windowsills, countertops and floors to keep ants at bay.

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2. lemon


lemon is also one of the 10 best ways to get rid of ants naturally. The smell of lemon will have the ability to deter ants while the acid content in the property to hide their scent trails. To keep your kitchen as well as other areas of the house clean and without ants, try using one of these natural and simple ways below:

  • The first form can be applied is rub some lemon juice directly on the windows, doorways, and several possible areas where the ants are getting.
  • Another option for you is to put a few drops of lemon essential oil to cotton balls and then let these cotton balls on cabinets along with other areas, as needed.
  • You can spread some small slices of lemon peel around outdoor entrances.
  • Keep the application of these remedies every day for a few days until the ants disappear completely.

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3. Food Grade Diatomaceous earth

food-grade diatomaceous earth

This diatomaceous earth food grade also acts as a kind of ant repellent. This powder is made from the fossilized remains of marine phytoplankton.

The microscopic sharp edges of diatomaceous earth can cut through the exoskeletons of ants, so gradually your body dry.

  • sprinkled gently a thin layer of diatomaceous earth under the refrigerator, on the windows, under cabinets, around and in garbage cans and any other area where you see ants.
  • do this again every day until the ants are gone.
  • Remember not to wet diatomaceous earth, and it will not work when wet.

4. Cayenne pepper combined with turmeric powder

cayenne pepper combined with turmeric powder

cayenne pepper also it acts as an effective way on how to get rid of ants. The strong nature contained in cayenne pepper is beneficial in the destruction of chemical signals that help the ants to navigate to their nest, food, and other areas. Without an adequate signal, ants can not survive and will seek new areas for last.

  • What we need to do is sprinkle cayenne pepper powder in places where ants are seen.
  • Or can also mix well with cayenne pepper, turmeric powder in a proportion equal.
  • Then you sprinkle through the main points to make a barrier to keep out the ants.

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To learn more ways to get rid of ants naturally and fast, stay with us for our next post!

5. Maintain the house clean

keep the house clean

To prevent ants from entering your home, you have to take advice for care down to keep it clean.

  • Do your best to keep the counters, cabinets, and floors clean and have no clutter.
  • should store sugar, syrup, honey and other sweet foods in hermetically sealed containers which may attract ants.
  • Maintain cleanliness of food, especially sugary foods, and fruit juice.
  • make sure it covers omitted any food in the kitchen properly. You can even place containers containing food dishes with a little water so that ants do not reach the food.
  • Always keep the surfaces of furniture and frames of the windows clean.
  • Avoid leaving dirty dishes in the sink.
  • Do not lower moisture accumulates in the kitchen counters, along with other surfaces.
  • You must be sure that the trash bins have tightly sealed lids.
  • Find corners and small cracks around windows and doors and then use caulk or petroleum jelly to seal.

6. Liquid Soap dish

liquid dish soap

Another way of getting rid of ants is the use of dishwashing soap . Dish soap can help quell the ants, causing his death. Click to Tweet Therefore, it is possible to use liquid dish soap as an effective way to get rid of ants tip. You can also apply this advice in cockroaches.

  • Initially, 1 teaspoon liquid soap, 1 teaspoon of baking soda and 1 cup of water are prepared.
  • They Mix well and then spread this mixture over areas where ants are coming.
  • soap or dishwashing mixed with water in the ratio of 1: 2 and pour into a spray bottle
  • Then shake well and spray this mixture on places where ants are present.
  • continue to wait for a few hours and use a damp cloth to remove dead ants.

7. Peel the cucumber

cucumber peel

People have used the cucumber peel as a way of getting rid of ants for many years. Ants naturally dislike cucumber because they can not stand the taste. You must use the bitter cucumbers for best results or cucumbers normal, too.

  • You just peel a cucumber and then put the pieces of cucumber skin in all places where ants act.
  • youreplace with some fresh shells every day.
  • Keep repeating as necessary until the ants are gone.

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8. Spearmint


mint is known as a natural elimination of insects that can effectively prevent ants from your home. Ants do not like the strong smell of mint, which also alters the smell of other foods and therefore can not find food sources.

  • 10 drops of peppermint oil with 1 cup of water are mixed and poured into a spray bottle.
  • you spray this mixture in all areas where ants are coming.
  • Remember to repeat 2 times a day until the ants disappear completely.
  • Or you can use the spray dried mint around your entries, landfills or doors to repel ants.
  • You can even grow some mint plants in the kitchen garden to keep out the ants.

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9. Borax, cornmeal and sugar

borax, cornmeal, and sugar

borax is a poison for ants and is considered as a natural way on how to get rid of ants in your garden and house. Borax attract the attention of ants when ingested, borax ultimately kills them.

  • borax and jelly food is taken in the same proportion.
  • Mix well and pour this mixture on a flat plate.
  • put that in the areas where ants are coming.
  • Alternatively it blends well with borax granulated sugar in a ratio of 1: 3.
  • Then add a little water and mix until a consistency similar syrup forms .
  • Also, put this paste in all areas that are ants.
  • O you make a homemade pasta like mixing borax and cornmeal, along with a few drops of water.
  • spread this paste in areas where ants are entering.

. Note: Because borax is toxic, it is best to stay away from pets and small children

10. Canela


cinnamon is also an effective natural repellent house ants. The smell of cinnamon will keep ants out of your house.

  • To apply the cinnamon, add ¼ or ½ teaspoon cinnamon oil 1 cup water.
  • stir well and then soak a cotton ball in the solution.
  • Then this cotton ball used to clean all areas where ants can enter and inhabit.
  • should do this once a day until the ants are gone.
  • You can also put some cinnamon or cloves near the entry points.

Note: Only cinnamon oil spray strategically areas ant infestation. Do not spray the whole house.

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for more natural forms homemade on how to deal with other problems or illnesses, go visit our How Home . After reading the writing on the 10 best ways to get rid of ants, I hope you can discover the best way to get rid of ants naturally in the country. If you have any questions or know other natural ways on how to get rid of ants, please leave them below.

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