11 Common Warning Signs Of Alcoholism For Drinkers

Alcohol becomes the common drink for many people, including the boy and girl, men and women, young and old. Many people often drink alcohol when they are sad, happy or even free. That’s why there are more and more addicted to alcohol. So what is alcoholism? In order to simply say, alcohol is alcohol dependence and make unexpected consequences if this gets serious dependency. Normally, alcoholism often has about four symptoms including physical dependence, loss of control, desire, and tolerance.

Warning Signs of Alcoholism – Basic Knowledge

signs of alcoholism - warning signs of alcoholism – basic knowledge

Physical dependence means that you may experience some symptoms physical such as sweating, nausea, anxiety or some things like if your drinking is not satisfied when addiction gets heavy. If your agency gets serious, it can lead to many difficulties in their life you can find many ways to balance the hard part.

Loss of control will display their ability to limit the intake of alcohol in some cases or subject is out of your control.

Craving simply shows that his compulsion or need alcohol intake is very strong and it is difficult to control.

The latter is about tolerance. This demonstrates the need for the person who drinks the most alcohol intake in order to get high. You know that a drunk often think they can control their alcohol intake easily and importance is whether it will or not.

We all know that alcohol can have a serious impact on the lives of people. If you look closely, you can see that many accidents, suicides and homicides are caused by alcohol. Besides that, it also leads to many serious diseases such as alcohol poisoning, cancer, ulcers, nerve damage, liver disease and many other health conditions. However, it is very difficult to know a person, especially your loved one or even have a problem with alcohol or not. The limits to identify this problem are often diffuse and unclear. You can not know whether drinking or alcohol dependent. In fact, a drinker can not be a drunk. But it will become a big problem if the drinker can not control their intake. It can affect the human body seriously. But the question is how do you know if you are addicted to alcohol or not. Or the amount of intake should you have? Many people do not think about whether it is a good contribution to health . How do you know that your loved one or who are dependent on alcohol? In order to answer this question, it is important to find out what the warning signs of alcoholism are.

The common warning signs of alcoholism for drinker

There are many things that can help you realize if you are addicted to alcohol or not. VKool show warning signs of alcoholism in popular following. Based on this information, you can identify know who may be drunk from their loved ones. Now let’s see what they are:

1. Concealment or tell a lie about their alcohol consumption

signs of alcoholism - hiding or tell a lie about your drinking

This is the first out in the list of most alcoholism warning signs that people should know and be careful!

For people who are having some problems with alcohol, which hide or deny their alcohol consumption is one of the warning signs of alcoholism popular attention must be paid. Normally, both alcoholics and heavy drinkers can drink much more than they say. They can tell a lie that only drink a little and do not affect the health and bring some unexpected problems. This problem is often too difficult to control and often do not know all the things they said are true or false. It’s just the nature of this problem. And they often do not think for themselves is very important. If you see that your loved ones may have this sign, you should take care of him or her much more than usual. It can help you realize that health is the most important in the lives of people.

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2. Just drink to relax or feel better

signs of alcoholism - just drink for relaxing or feeling better

Many drinkers often use alcohol as their habit. However, in some other cases, they think that will make relaxed and feel better when faced with stress, anxiety or even depression. And gradually they are addicted to alcohol, but they do not know. You can see that more than half of the drinkers of alcohol to solve emotional problems. But in fact, this solution is only temporary and can not be solved at all. If you drink alcohol and use it to better their negative feelings, you are wrong. If you abuse this solution, you can find worse in the future. How do you know that you are abusing alcohol or not? It is difficult to perform, but you can compare the daily amount of alcohol you consume with the amount you drink when faced with stress or anxiety. That changes in rates too, it is necessary to consider their alcohol abuse again. If you have this sign, you should find the way to control your drink because this is also considered as one of the signs of alcoholism popular, especially for the thrill of control.

3. Regularly Out Black

signs of alcoholism - regularly black out

Which means losing consciousness? It simply means that you or someone drank too much. Normally, when you or someone drinks a lot and not remember what happen. It’s too dangerous for you if you are driving while he drank so excessively. In this case, should not black for fun. If your pass out regularly, perhaps you need to reconsider because this is also a red sign for the drinker. In short, do not look down it in the list of warning signs of alcoholism as this can cause a huge thread. Your life will turn around quickly, and everything good I used to have will leave soon. Do not look down or skip this problem, just be careful and seriously face it to find the right way to solve – be brave

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4. Unable to stop when you start your drink

signs of alcoholism - unable to stop when starting your drink

there are many reasons for their habit of excessive drinking. It may be due to their excitement for something or just in your drinking. However, many people often know when to leave your drink. For some others, who do not know they are drinking too much despite consuming too much before. They can not control their drinking. This can be a big problem and will have an influence on your life and health in the long run. It is also one of the common signs of alcoholism that has to pay attention to the characteristics of popular alcoholic. In short, this is actually one of the worst symptoms of alcoholism that everyone should not look down, but watch out!

5. Drink Regardless of dangerous situations

signs of alcoholism - drinking regardless of dangerous situations

When babies often can not control himself and do something wrong . You may be unable to stop his drinking once you start or maybe black regularly. All these actions are not good for long-term health. But they are not a big problem right away if you can drink without taking into account the dangerous situation. You know that there may be many situations that should avoid drinking as before starting work or drive somewhere or just you are taking medication and the need to follow the order of your doctor. If the drinker can drink without considering the arguments that are being, you should pay more attention to them, because this is also known to be important signs of alcoholism can not observe one of the obvious signs.

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6. Ignoring responsibility

signs of alcoholism - ignore the responsibility

This is actually one of the worst symptoms of alcoholism that can affect our life to the fullest, and to check all the positive effects of treating and achieve goals in your lifetime. It also takes all the motivations of you, and therefore we were prevented from being a good person in the eyes of people around.

Alcohol consumption can be ignored because it is the personal problem. However, if you have problems at work or school or something related to their responsibilities only by your drinking, you may have to rethink yourself as you are having a problem. If you are facing this situation, your drinking is not your indulgence more. You let it cross their functions and uses and seriously affect their daily lives. You may need to adjust so that you can balance your work and daily activities. If it is difficult, you have to find the best way to effectively control.

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7. Face With some difficulty their relations

signs of alcoholism - face with some troubles in your relationships

If you can not control the way they drink properly, can affect your relationship including its closer relationships or even your family. We all know that alcohol can make us out of control and can do some bad things. Above all, many people often consider alcohol as a larger than many things important in your life priority. It can lead to many mistakes or failures that can seriously affect other people. This means you have problems in their relationships is also a warning sign that you should notice. If you or your loved ones have this sign, you need to find the appropriate change to improve the relationship.

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8. Drinking more than it used to

signs of alcoholism - drink more than you used to

alcoholism is very difficult to avoid for many drinkers. But if you need to know if you or your loved one is alcohol addicts or not, you need to know your daily alcohol consumption before and after. If intake is becoming increasingly, this means that you are addicted to alcohol more and more seriously. If you do not mind this, it can become a drunk and can not give it up. And you need to know and stop time for your body and your relationship will not be seriously affected.

9. Some emotional signs

signs of alcoholism - some emotional signs

Normally, the drinker often has many emotional signals, together with the above signs just shows. When you or your loved alcohol abuse, which can be defensive when someone mentions the amount of alcohol intake being. Especially, you can see that, if properly drinking, you may get nervous or agitated. It is because of the impact of alcohol on his head. At this point, they can not control their emotion. If your loved often drink alcohol, you are you can see that will be intended to be isolated from friends, family and the people around them. Many people even become depressed during and after drinking alcohol.

10. Face the withdrawal

signs of alcoholism - face with withdrawal

You can see that the withdrawal is different from a hangover. Why faced with the withdrawal linked to signs of alcoholism? The withdrawal is a reaction to the lack of alcohol in a light condition. What are the signs of withdrawal? When you see feel feelings of depression, fatigue and nausea or the same as you do not drink alcohol, it means that you experience withdrawal. You may see other signs such as difficulty sleeping, shaking or tremors, and eat without feeling your appetite. They are all signs of withdrawal and alcoholism in general.

12. You can quit despite Trying

signs of alcoholism - unable to quit in spite of trying

All the above symptoms can help you see your problem with the drink. If you get it and you try to quit but can not change anything, it means that your problem becomes extremely serious. In this case, you need to find the help of others. When you decide to give it up, it is certain that the effects of alcohol is in your life are very terrible. This is a good sign. However, this is also a difficult task for you. You can fight with this condition for some time. Many people are trying to do despite the difficulties. But it is vital to do it for yourself and for your loved ones.

The above list contains common signs of alcoholism that we share with you so you can see the effects of alcohol for your life and that of others. However, it should be noted that if faced with one of these symptoms does not mean that you are addicted to alcohol. If signs have more than one, maybe your drinking goes too far and must be controlled effectively. In case, you have all these symptoms, you are an alcoholic. So when you drink, you should try to realize their alcohol consumption to get the right fit. You must strictly control their consumption in order to let it go so far that you can not balance it. Finally, we all know it is not easy to change the habit of drinking. But if you see its impacts, you know that your life will change to better things.

Another thing I would like to suggest that not only you but also to all my readers to do the right thing after reading the lists of the most visible of alcoholism signs is spending time reading another article that talks about the same problem – a collection of interesting facts related to alcohol and alcohol abuse – the Top 25 interesting Facts about Alcohol article. People who want to know clearly about this drink definitely should not skip this article because it introduces up to 25 people Facts hardly know about alcohol and what happens if we abuse these drinks. This is actually a useful article that allows us to face the worst negative effects of alcohol abuse on human health and life, so that readers of VKool.com must pass time reading if you have time and really care about this concern. You will have the opportunity to obtain more information and knowledge of this popular drink and realize some serious things about their use – which may never have gone ahead. The information is obtained from the recommended script will not fully match the content of the article today, so every interesting thing is still waiting ahead. All the things you need to do is just lay back and enjoy articles, relax and think seriously about how to use alcohol in the right way and with the right amount. The hope that you will be able to change your life from today – after reading these two articles useful. Good luck!

Here are some common warning signs of alcoholism that we share with you. Although not all the signs that may arise, we are confident that this issue will be helpful for you to think and realize many significant things in your life. If you see this writing it is useful or if you have any questions, you can leave your comment below. We will respond as soon as possible. One more thing, do not hesitate if you really want to share this article with other people you know who are also confused about their current situation of alcoholism. Everything is never too late for us to take a good kick. Start living healthy without abusing the right spirit from today!

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