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I am firmly convinced that we are only beginning to understand how important it is for the sleep health, but we know that sleep is important for proper hormone function, regulation of blood sugar, cell regeneration and more.

natural sleep remedies

I have seen many articles natural sleep remedies that include many of the basic things like avoiding caffeine, regular exercise, and create a good sleep environment. All these things are certainly important, but have also come comments from readers who have tried all those things and still struggling with sleep.

For those who have tried to create a normal sleep routine, use of magnesium oil, creating dark room and acompletely even supplements and have not worked, these unusual sleep remedies can help. Of course, anyone with a serious or long-term sleep problem must also find a good doctor or functional medicine doctor who specialized in sleep to ensure that there is a deeper issue.

These unusual natural sleep remedies are very effective, in my experience, but often not recommended. The good news, all of them are either very low cost or free, so worth a try!

set foot – The Right Way

I got this advice from a friend who had invested their own health problems through diet and lifestyle. Many of us are standing, walking, or (hopefully not) sitting for most of the day. As a result, the blood and lymph fluid can build up in the legs.

This is often more noticeable during pregnancy or if there is an underlying medical condition. If you’ve had children, did you notice your feet and ankles be a little tired / pain / swelling at night when she was pregnant?

Remedy : The simple and free resource is to simply put your feet up for 15-30 minutes at night. The two forms that appear to be the most effective are lying on the floor and resting your feet on a sofa or chair at an angle of 90 degrees or lying on the floor or in bed and rest your legs up against the wall (more difficult).

What we do : I try to do this every night because they really seem to sleep better. Some nights, we do this as a family as we read books or do our routine family night. Sound boring? Try to read or listen to a podcast while sitting there.

Overachiever version : If you want the benefits of raising the feet, along with the advantages of investment, consider trying gravity boots. We just these and my husband loves and prefers that only runs with his feet. There is some evidence that the entire investment can help the joints and can help relieve back pain.

Honey and salt

This remedy actually indirectly came from my grandmother once told me that children sleep better when given something sweet and salty at night. His theory was helping to regulate blood sugar, which is probably true, but I’m not sure if your choice of a sweet / salty snack for their children was real food.

turns out that there may be some scientific backing to this decades old idea …

The salt can help reduce cortisol levels and levels of blood sugar balance which is what you want in the night’s sleep. Natural sugars can help by raising insulin slightly, which helps lower cortisol (this is one of the reasons for my doctor suggests eating carbohydrates at night and in the morning).

Carbohydrates of any kind can also help tryptophan cross the blood brain barrier and improve the production of melatonin.

My kids call them “honey salt” and ask some nights. The idea is that the combination of sweet and salt in a small amount can help promote sleep. From our small-scale trial of this (7 people), there seems to be an effect.

What do : Mix a small amount (1/2 teaspoon) of a natural sugar (honey, maple syrup, coconut sugar, etc.) with a pinch of natural salt and consume 15-20 minutes before bedtime. Alternatively, the mixture is stirred into a cup of chamomile tea and add a teaspoon of gelatin powder (optional).


This natural sleep remedy was recommended by my massage therapist who said she learned from Dr. Weil. It basically involves a slow breath and drawings helps oxygenate the blood and promote relaxation.

When I researched this type of breathing, I have found that many religions use some variation of it for meditation or prayer. Recent information suggests that can help the body displacement of sympathetic nerve activity (fight or flight) to parasympathetic (relaxation).

Either way, it is a quick and simple technique that seems to really help promote sleep and it costs nothing.

What do

  1. Sitting in a relaxed position or lying down, breathe through your nose while counting to four.
  2. hold your breath for a count of seven.
  3. exhale slowly through your mouth while counting to eight.
  4. Repeat 3-4 times or until you feel relaxed.

cherry juice

This unusual remedy is highly recommended in the comments online but also has some scientific backing. Studies show that can help with insomnia, improve levels of melatonin, inflammation andreduce to promote sleep. can even help improve while we sleep:

Researchers at the University of the State of Louisiana had seven older adults with insomnia drink eight ounces of Montmorency tart cherry juice twice a day for two weeks, followed by two weeks of no juice, and then two weeks drinking a placebo drink. Compared with placebo, drinking cherry juice resulted in an average of 84 minutes more sleep time every night.

What do : I take a tablespoon of tart cherry juice at night to help with sleep quality, especially on days with intense training as it also it seems to help muscle recovery and stiffness. Cherry juice, you can even add chamomile tea or other relaxing teas (with salt honey remedy above) to help improve the taste.

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