6 Negative effects of internet on children and students

As we all know, the Internet is a quick and strongly developing Media , which unites people around the world closer. The Internet is increasing important position due to the integration and development. Internet helps people capture all information in the world as quickly as possible simply sitting at home. Moreover, due to the spread of fast Internet also has a lot of negative effects on students and children.

Top 14 Negative Effects of Internet on students and children

negative effects of internet

Internet is a useful tool in the era of technology. However, it still remains many negatives if abused people, especially students and children. Here are 6 negative effects of the Internet on children and students that people should know to avoid:

1. Addiction

negative effects of internet - addiction

online games on the Internet can be addictive for adolescents, children and adults. This can take your precious time to be used for other more productive things.

In addition, they are addicted to an extreme level. Maybe it’s the social networking websites or gambling excessively using the network. This Internet addiction may result in a disruption of their mental development in such a young age.

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2. Work ethic

negative effects of internet - work ethic

This is one of the negative effects of the Internet on children and students should be aware of. Children who grow up in time on the Internet expect quick gratification. They can easily get online and find what they want, from the favorite music videos and TV shows responses difficult task. The Internet helps them to not wait and give immediate results with minimal effort. These features can not be translated school, where teachers expect their students to work for grades. Students, as a result, are often unable to understand the problems. In addition, also they fail to control your time efficiently.

3. Cybercrime

negative effects of internet - cyber crimes

unsuspecting Internet users can easily become a victim of criminal elements that interfere with emails or do something with the information on the credit card. Fooling or phishing others in the belief that property websites are legitimate criminals resulted in millions of lost money for these deceptive business transactions.

You can easily see these online scams and crimes in the daily news.

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4. The abandonment of the family

negative effects of internet - abandonment of family

Indeed, the use of anything in excess has its disadvantages and abandonment of the family is another of the negative effects of the Internet on children and students you should know. People become desensitized when dependent on internet. To prove this point, I want to give a detailed example. Because the virtual baby online, one pair Korea forget to feed your real child who died of hunger. This is what I feel!

In addition, excessive use of these social networking sites and Internet push children in an isolated world where internet is your only friend. They can spend hours on Internet use and as a result, will not care for their families. For them, the Internet is more important than taking time to talk with your loved people.

5. Physical Development

negative effects of internet - physical development

As you know, a complete education will certainly improve both your body and mind. Spend hours on the Internet, with participation in social networks, and playing online games can dramatically inhibit the physical development of a child. Instead, place greater emphasis on the need for physical activity and regular exercise. Schools where they can not or will not give a physical education can lead to the risk of sedentary lifestyle of students.

6. Cyber ​​Bully

negative effects of internet - cyber bully

One of the negative effects of the Internet on children and students is cyber bully . This is considered as another term that is added to explain victim of bullying on the Internet. It seems that it is much easier to physically intimidate. Students easily get caught up in it. The highly regular scans of social networking sites make cyber bullying easier to do. Students often get more harassed on the Internet. Cyber ​​Bullies always expose and demoralize these victims. As a result, this will cause students to give an increase in suicide attempts. They are harassed and have to face their shame, but they still can not share that with anyone serious experience.

7. Disrupted privacy

negative effects of internet - privacy disrupted

When it comes to the social network, a lot of things can be exchanged or uploaded over them. For example, when students do not realize their actions and innocence, they can exchange private messages, photos, etc. through personal chats, they are contributing to intrude upon their privacy. Many times, your privacy gets hampered and that are not covered with the web. Many people will try to get your private things to misuse it. Therefore, be careful!

8. Cheating

negative effects of internet - cheating

The Internet is a place where the world’s knowledge is stored. Students can easily find answers of tests or tests for any subject. And the correct answers easily available on the Internet are very attractive for some students, which will result in academic fraud, cheating and plagiarism. Educators have undertaken to address these problems. They have developed websites that check research and trials against the content posted in order to detect Pilfered material. However, certain students may try to circumvent these security measures by using message boards and social media to share information class. And this contributes to the culture of deception, which did not exist on this scale before appearing internet.

9. Lazy

negative effects of internet - lazy

There are no statistics on the number of students addicted to the Internet, but in reality, there are many people who spend many hours, including 8 hours, all day to get online. Play games, read a book, listen to music or access your favorite websites without worrying about studying or working. Many students even leave school to go online all day. Many of them are expelled because of Internet addiction. When being addicted to the Internet, the student will get lazier. This is one of the most negative effects of the Internet to students that people should know to prevent internet abuse and be lazy .

10. Webs bad

negative effects of internet - bad webs

According to a survey, the number of people entering black cloth is compared with google and YouTube. There were 4.4 million people who visit these black web site per month, more than twice than other sites such as CNN or BBC. In addition, the number of students visiting bad fabrics is also uncountable. Spending too much time to get into black cloth affects children in mind . These films and black bands have a significant impact on the physical and psychological condition. This is one of the main causes that affect unhealthy life style and moral corruption of a department of youth. According to research by the University of Florida, if students use the Internet more than 3 hours a day, that can easily be exploited sexually. With the spread of the web sex, many children can feel sexual exploitation because their thought and mind are affected by these black bands. In a long time, the mental health student may be affected by the online exploitation.

Moreover, the moral corruption is also a negative effect of the Internet on children who are released in many black sites. There are plenty of good and bad things available on the Internet that a 5 year old can approach the content such as the 18+ information.

Therefore, the use of Internet in the right way, at the right time, for the right purpose gives a lot of advantages in all aspects, without opposite effects. This is one of the significant negative effects of Internet to students that people should know to avoid bad block and fabrics.

health metal look not only affected, now everyone can be sexual exploited due to black membranes. Click to Tweet

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11. to indecisive OTL

negative effects of internet - hesitant toward face to face communication

with the Internet, through social networking sites, students can do a lot of friends , in many parts of the country and the world. Sitting alone at home can talk and share the joys and sorrows with others in the very long distance or even your classmate.

Because of this convenience, have less time for the old relationship and little opportunity to meet in real life to go play, eat and remember memories together. They only see the words: “I am very sad when you do not pass the test,” or “I really want to help this time,” but they do not see the anxious eyes, beat panic heart of his friend who is ready for the next to when something bad happened. Some students do not like to talk face to face with friends. Only feel comfortable when at home through a computer and the Internet. They feel shy to make conversation anyone face to face. They prefer to talk and chat somewhere that can separate them from the real world. Therefore, friendships in real life are gradually disappearing. the virtual feel is one of the negative effects of the Internet on children that the student should know to avoid excessive use of the Internet because they can not feel the real feeling if simply sitting at home. In fact, it seems to be one of the most negative effects of the Internet on children that people should know to learn and help.

12. A lack of creativity and dependence

negative effects of internet - lacking creativity and dependence

“With the Internet, I had the whole world in my hands “. That may be the most frequently noted many students who are addicted to the Internet. If the student wants to know a famous place like Paris, London, New York … or any certain knowledge, just search Google, they will have everything they need.

Instead of thinking about the things you want to know yourself, the fastest way they can do is search the Internet or asking Google. Therefore, the ability to thinking and creation are limited. They just search the Internet to find the information they need without having to work your mind. They are being depended on things that would have to go to work and that are based on Internet search results.

Students are often making a presentation and projects. The easiest way you can do is find the information available on the Internet, copy and paste into your notebook. This situation can cause lack of creativity in students and be one of the worst negative effects of the Internet on children. Do not make the opportunity to discover new things for themselves.

should be reminded that they need to find out and show what you need by actual experience because it is more available. Lacking creativity and dependence plays negative effects of Internet on children that parents should know to adjust the time your kids come into reasonable internet.

13. Loss of time

negative effects of internet - wastage of time

Wasting time seems to be one of the worst negative effects of Internet children. Obviously, if you are addicted to the Internet, you spend a lot of time to sit on the computer to give time to his studies. And the fact can not be performed until the test approach. Because lose all the time on the Internet without studying, that does not pass the exam. This can lead to major depression and continue internet abuse. If students use the Internet useful and reasonable, they can discover and study a lot of useful information on the internet with negative effects.

14. Insomnia

negative effects of internet - insomnia

Thanks to the Internet, many students have less time to sleep. Play games or chat with friends at night. Being on the Internet, people are hard to go to bed early and still no sleep. If this situation continues for a long time, it can lead to insomnia . This is a very harmful habit, as it can affect health. This condition not only affects the mental growth, but also harms the physical growth. Moreover, check your Gmail or updates on social networks in the middle of the night can cause eye problems. So, to avoid the negative effects of Internet on students, people should avoid excessive use of it. .

There are many arguments about methods that limit the adverse effects of the Internet. Many solutions are implemented realistically without limited use and considers Internet as a bad environment, … In order to identify and prevent potential threat to the Internet for youth and adolescents, the need to understand the nature the Internet. It is an open environment and connection that can help create a communication environment without depending on space and time. Internet is not a good development environment, but also the bad. If users do not know how to reasonably use, negative effects on the Internet students can be increased. The development of science and technology is probably the cause of the negative effects of the Internet on children.

After reading what I write today, I hope you can learn many negatives effects of the Internet on students and children and spend time to read the 26 Effects of Social Media in youth, society and business article. In fact, this article reveals some of the best applications and benefits of social media that the Internet brings to our life and general business in the world. The effects revealed in this article are tested by a lot of studies and research prestige through various surveys. It helps us understand that in addition to the negative effects that can cause internet, it can also be a great tool with important contributions to our daily life, science and business. Therefore, do not rush to express your feelings of hatred internet but frankly look both negative effects of the Internet and its benefits for life.

Today’s article gathers 6 significant negative effects of the Internet on children that men and women should read this article about VKool.com and use for good. I hope you will be able to learn and make use of the useful information on the Internet and spend time visiting our lifestyle page . If you have any questions, feel free to leave comments and evaluations below and wait for my answer. As the author of Vkool, I promise that I will reply as soon as possible.

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