62% of Britons say the best health remedies include hot babies and salt water

One of the most common health tips received from relatives and friends, especially the elderly, when sick with pain is gargling with salt water. For colds, you always have to take some heat before bedtime.

In a study with 2,000 adults, researchers found that almost 50% still prefer a home remedy they learned from their parents when it comes to the common cold. Around 75% also resort to steam inhalation to treat head congestion that occurs along with the cold.

One in seven people also strongly believes in the revitalizing power of garlic. Another 22% prefer to eat more oranges or drink their natural equivalent to give your body vitamin C.

Toddy hot to beat common ailments

Toddy hot to beat common ailments Photo: Pexels

In the same study, almost one in four people turned to hot chicken soup to fight an imminent cold. About 42% of research participants choose salt water instead of scientific medication, as they believe it helps relieve symptoms more quickly.

Another health advice from previous generations includes eliminating chest infection by drinking water after boiling the onions in it. Making tea with orange peels to get rid of the common cold in 24 hours is also among these generational health tips.

The study, which was commissioned by Olbas Herbal Remedies, revealed that more than 70% say they successfully treated a disease with a health remedy. Some of the study participants even say they keep a recipe for such home remedies in their back pocket. They believe that such remedies can help them a lot when they feel sick.

Dr. Roger Henderson, a family doctor and an expert in herbal remedies, says millions of Britons treat common ailments such as a cold during the winter season. Many of them prefer to deal with such ailments with herbal solutions rather than over-the-counter medications.

The doctor also said that approximately 62% of Britons believe that such home remedies have some scientific proof. This perhaps explains why home remedies for common diseases are still very popular.

Other folk home remedies include smelling menthol to clean the clogged nose and put the entire head and face over a bowl full of steaming water to relieve congestion. Taking more vitamin C to cure a common cold and eating honey and lemon to relieve sore throat symptoms are also among these popular home remedies.

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