7 Natural Ways to Treat Psoriasis

Sometimes your body can protest with your immune system and create conditions that are chronic. This is an unfortunate situation and many people are totally frustrated and weakened with the resulting conditions. Psoriasis is such a condition that is classified as autoimmune.

A patient with psoriasis can be severely traumatized by this skin condition. The skin becomes rough and tough with scales and red patches all over the body. Psoriasis can be aggravated by certain foods and lifestyles. mainly it affects the scalp, hands, legs and private parts. Psoriasis also manifests itself in different ways in different patients.

Sometimes psoriasis can also lead to inflammation of the joints leading to an arthritic condition known as psoriatic arthritis. As there is no cure for this chronic autoimmune disease, all a person can do is fight for control and make serious lifestyle changes and diet in order to stay out of the symptoms.

7 Natural Ways to Treat Psoriasis

What are the causes of psoriasis ?

  • There are numerous factors that trigger an episode of psoriasis. Patients with smoking and drinking habits can aggravate the condition out of control. skin infections caused by fungi and bacteria also can sometimes worsen psoriasis.
  • A person with psoriasis should avoid being in the sun too long again as the condition is aggravated by the heat and direct sunlight. extreme weather conditions that hinder the pH balance of the skin are also causal factors that can trigger psoriasis.
  • food control is an essential part of being the welfare of a psoriatic patient. Certain foods can trigger an attack and cause much discomfort. Similarly, stress is also a factor that can be blamed when a person receives a psoriatic episode. Finally, the role of genetics also can not be ignored when it comes psoriasis.

Natural Remedies for psoriasis

is a great relief for patients with psoriasis to know that a number of treatment methods nature can offer great comfort and prevent frequent episodes of psoriasis. Below are some of the best remedies you can try to control psoriasis are presented.

apple cider vinegar

The microbial properties against aid apple cider vinegar in clearing bacterial skin infections and can aggravate psoriasis. Keep the pH level of the skin can control psoriasis greatly. Apple cider vinegar helps maintain the pH level too. For the treatment of skin with apple cider vinegar, use a soft cotton cloth soaked in apple cider vinegar to cover the entire surface of the skin. Leave on for 30 minutes and wash with water.

Aloe Vera

Psoriatic skin needs to be restored and rejuvenated its dry and flaky texture. For this, a natural moisturizer such as aloe vera can be used. Leaving the skin well hydrated itself is a great way to prevent psoriasis. Take the pure aloe gel and apply on the affected areas. Do not wash for best results. Do this for as long as possible.

oatmeal and Epsom salt

a bath made of oatmeal and Epsom salt help in healing skin peeling and hydration of the damaged skin to prevent future attacks. Epsom salt be an antibacterial also prevent skin infections a patient is susceptible to psoriasis.

7 natural ways to treat psoriasis

Take a cup each of Epsom salt and oatmeal and mixed with hot water in the bathtub. You can dive into the water for about 20 minutes each day to relieve the symptoms of psoriasis. This will keep the skin hydrated and free of bacterial attacks.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E can be used directly in the skin to hydrate and also for rejuvenation of the skin that is damaged. Vitamin E has the power to restore the lost luster and smoothness of the skin with continuous application. Skin that is prone to psoriasis should not be allowed to dry to prevent symptoms intensify up. Make sure you also include vitamin E rich foods in your diet.


The cabbage leaves are a great remedy for control inflammation in the skin and also to prevent pain and itching. Printed cabbage leaves have to be softened for the first time for the purpose of preventing the raw wound inflamed and irritated. Place the cabbage leaves to a simmer and let it soften. Remove the veins that are difficult and place them on the wound.

Cover the entire area with cabbage leaves and using gauze, tie them in place. Once the leaves turn dry, you can use fresh leaves. By doing this every day it will help control psoriasis and prevent scratches and peeling of the skin.

bitter gourd

guard bitter is famous for its action in the diabetic patients. It can also be used for curing skin psoriasis affected. Grate the right of bitter gourd so that you get a glass of juice it amounts bitter. Add a teaspoon of lemon juice along with it and take this juice as soon as you wake up in the morning on an empty stomach.

The treatment takes time to show results. But keep drinking this juice and in a few months will probably start feeling and looking much better.

herbal tea

A herbal tea can be prepared by mixing together a number of herbs that help in the treatment of psoriasis. Take echinacea, Oregon, calendula, blades of grass, sassagrass, dandelion, nettle leaves and burdock in equal proportions. This mixture should be kept in an airtight container for 3 months.

Once the three-month standstill is complete, take a cup of water and add a tablespoon of this mixture of herbs after shaking the bottle to mix the ingredients. Let simmer for 15 minutes. This tea can be drained and cooled to room temperature before drinking.


skin that is affected with the psoriasis requires care to keep hydrated abundant. Make sure you are well protected against infection. Completely cover the skin when it is off in order to prevent dust and sunlight way that affects the skin and cause outbreaks.

They say Seawater to do much good for psoriasis. Taking bath in sea water is enriched with minerals that will eliminate irritation and cleanse the bacteria and other germs.

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