9 Reasons Why Women Fake Orgasms

9 Reasons Why Women Fake Orgasms

By Dr. Singh Sexology

Here are some topics for you to reflect on why women fake orgasms, sometimes

1. to make your partner feel good: a woman can fake an orgasm to satisfy the ego of your partner; giving the impression that he is able to satisfy it.

2. lack of technique: Communication during sex plays a vital role in strengthening the relationship. Women may not feel comfortable talking about what they want and what they could give them to false orgasms.

3. Pain can be a problem :. If there is any pain or discomfort during intercourse, either due to a medical or due to inadequate lubrication problem, you can fake an orgasm to end quickly

4. Not in a state of spirit:. Sometimes a woman can not be in the right mood for sex and therefore would like to just get over with him

5. Taking a long time: most women take a long time to climax. You are thinking that your partner would get tired, to fake an orgasm to make them feel they have done a great job.

6. Arousing :. fake orgasms women have been found to be one of the four main drivers for sexual arousal for both oral and vaginal sex

7. New Partner: women to when with a new partner, it deals with things that you like. Thinking that her orgasm will give tremendous sexual liberation, she could just pretend.

8. Not knowing how to orgasm :. This could be because they have never experienced an orgasm and feel frustrated by this fact

9. old ratio: In every relationship, at some point, you feel comfortable and overly satisfied and therefore stop taking care of yourself. This could decrease the desire of a woman and she can fake an orgasm instead of hurting the feelings of your partner.

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