According To Your Zodiac Sign, How Do You Show Your Anger

We all get angry from time to time; we as human beings can not avoid losing your temper or patience from time to time. Perhaps certain things get under the skin, as when someone mentions a sensitive issue or something that mocks feel embarrassed or hurt about. Anger can get the best of you if you do not know how to reign in it, however, and each sign of the zodiac expresses his anger a little different.


Then we will go into more detail about how each sign of the zodiac in deals with anger, and hopefully this can help you manage any problems anger you may have and learn to deal with the situation in a calmer way. We will also talk about what aspects of anger each sign has to work in order to become better themselves.

HOW each sign of the zodiac EXPRESS ANGER


As one of the three fire signs, Aries definitely can burn if you do not know how to deal with them. They have a short circuit, and anger quite easily depending on the situation. They have a passion for life, and are frustrated when someone or something gets in their way. While Aries has a lot of great qualities, his dark side can go out and play when things do not go their way.

Although not usually provoke people, others can get under your skin or fall ill them quite easily. They have a stubborn character, and when they reach the end of the short stick in life, tend not to take things very well. Others may feel they have to walk on eggshells around them to prevent erupts in a volcano of fire, like Aries definitely let you have it if you hurt or anger them.

However, even if they get angry quickly, soon forget what he did crazy in the first place. are the kind of forgive and forget, so do not worry too much if you get on her bad side. They’ll come back around soon enough.


While Taurus will not go easily, you better be careful if you do happen to make them crazy -. They can become a little passive aggressive and leave out if you hurt them enough do not like to admit that when someone hurts them, so you might find it difficult to count even if you have hurt in the first place . However, if given the silent treatment, you will know you bother them. Especially angry when someone lies, cheats or betrays them in some kind of way. Most of the time, however, Tauro maintain a stable level and do not leave much bother them.

When it happens to get angry, let them have their time alone because they need some space to solve the problems in his head. They are fiercely opinionated and independent, so they like to go their own life when they are served a bad hand.

He’s going to talk things out with you when you feel ready, but be sure to let them out thoroughly what they need, as they usually do not talk much. Therefore, when angry, a lot to say and will need all your attention.

do not expect everything to be sharp pink color, however, as a grudge and Taurus usually find it difficult to approach another at the same level after they have betrayed in the past.


Gemini, also known as The Twins, can make your head spin if you do not know how to deal with them or what to expect. They say one thing and do another, or change your mind at a moment about certain topics. To say the least, Gemini can be almost impossible to understand or keep up with times.

Regarding his anger, however, most Geminis have a hot temper. If there is something that makes them crazy, they will express themselves, but they will not think about it for a long time. Gemini has a zest for life, and do not want to spend too much time letting things get under your skin.

Gemini can yakking, however, so if something makes them REALLY mad, be sure you will hear about it for a while.

Gemini do not like people telling them what to do or try to control, so if you do not do these things, it is likely to stay on her good side.


Cancers have a very sweet, compassionate, gentle character. However, some people like to take advantage of this, making them feel appreciated and taken for granted. If you get on his bad side, do not expect an answer; You’ll have to go to them if you want to stay in touch.

are very passive aggressive, so if you do crazy, do not wait to be told. If you do not have a high level of intuition and can not read body language well, then it is a cancer will not be a cake walk for you.

Cancers could get hurt easily, but that usually does not enter recluse mode on every little thing. If you make them really mad, you might just try to hide their feelings until they finally explode. Therefore, if you know a cancer, be sure to check up on them occasionally and ask if they have something they need to get out of his chest. This will help avoid future misunderstandings or discussions.

If you really care about them, go after them. They do not want to make all the effort you’ve made bothered in the first place, so if you want to continue your relationship, make sure you show how much you really care.

cancers have high standards for others as they show so much love and loyalty to their loved ones, and they expect the same things from people they love. If it hurts, I’ll forgive you eventually, but it will not happen overnight.


Leo has a hot temper, and as a sign of fire, what else can you expect? However, they will not play any game of mind with which -. If they are angry, then we will certainly do know

They have the temperament of a child, however, so we do not expect to discuss things in a mature way. They could throw things, scream, roll on the ground, or anything else to make a scene to get their attention. Even you are called names or say things that do not really mean, but do not take it to heart; just go out of their feelings.

As a true sign of fire, burn out fairly quickly, and get the issue as quickly as it did Therefore, do not worry too much if you are angry -. Do not hold grudges for long.


Virgos definitely win the prize for “Most patients sign.” is likely to have the least amount of anger of all signs, and take a long time to really show their feelings. Virgo do not do well with emotions, even your own, so do not expect to be told if made them angry. Probably they remain themselves and eventually outgrow it. However, if you hurt them enough, you may have just lost a good friend, because they do not easily forgive.

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Virgos, like cancer, become passive-aggressive when angry. They sulk, hide, and they ignore the best possible way. They do not like confrontation, and avoid like the plague. They prefer to walk to deal with his anger let it all out on you, because they know what a burden it can feel like.

Because of its peaceful nature, people come to them to vent and get angry all the time, so they prefer not let anyone else with a lot of strong emotions.

A Virgo could forgive if they hurt, but they will not forget. If trust is broken, do not expect to win again easily.


Libras, as peacekeepers, try to avoid anger at all costs. They like to maintain balance in their lives and their relationships, and anger does not really fit well into their overall life goals. What we want is to keep everything inside to avoid conflict, even if something really bothers them. They believe in justice and fairness as well, so you can probably give a second chance if you really screw up.

They do not like people to know that, but they are very sensitive. Because of this, many things can get under your skin, they just choose to keep to themselves most of the time.

Libras prefer to flee the confrontation face it, so if you have done crazy, do not wait to take the first step. can be very difficult to know if you have one lbs angry, but if you do not hear from them for a few days, it might be the only sign you really need.

They hold grudges, however, and use past mistakes against them in future discussions.


If angry scorpion, keep an eye out for her body language before anything else. They will not tell you they are upset, of course, because what self-respecting Scorpio never admit something that would make them so vulnerable? His eyes, facial expressions and other subtle signals will easily part with it, though.

You do not want to get on his bad side, however, as Scorpios love to get revenge. They plotted against you if you do something to hurt them, and not always permit to live down. If they seem quiet, this should worry, since it is likely to have a grand scheme head of how they will get to you.

However, if they get angry, give them their space, they do not want smothering them as they try to cool. might try to come and talk to you if they feel like it. It really is a toss up with them, because sometimes they can be passive aggressive and expect to make the first move.

They will come to you on their own time, if this is the path they choose. Do not try to push them, as this will only angrier.


As might be expected, this sign of fire will really let you have it if you do it angry. They do not tolerate disloyalty or betrayal very well, and not the end of it if you happen to hear them crazy. In fact, you probably want to get away quickly in order to give them some space, since their behavior will be similar to a detonating bomb.

Sagittarius love to get sarcastic if you’ve done crazy, so look for this as one of the surefire signs of anger. However, most Sagittarians feel ashamed of his temper, and try to keep as far as possible so that no one will lose their cool.

Furthermore, it can take quite a while to cool off, so we want to spend all complete fiasco. On the other hand, they sometimes do not even know if they have created the drama of nowhere, as they love to analyze situations and solve problems. Sometimes, you may find create problems of boredom, so be careful with this behavior.


Capricorns, as another sign of land, usually not too angry. prefer to keep the peace and keep calm waste your energy on getting angry. However, when not angry, you better run for the hills.

You know when you feel angry, because not often get this way, you probably have stored up months of tension and stress that have not been left out yet. So, when you finally break up, they run and hide. You do not want to be the one that makes them crazy because they do not easily forgive. They scream and make a big scene when they express their emotions, but they do not want the spotlight for long.

Capricorns have high standards for others, so when you do not meet them, it makes them disappointed and angry. Provided you comply with their rigid moral code, you’ll stay on her good side.


Aquarians love a good debate and stimulating conversation, but really can not stand arguments. If you have angered not expect them to stay. They prefer to enter the nature or go for a long drive your sit and stew in their emotions.

However, if they have to deal with the situation at that time, they will do it with finesse and class. They do not like to show people their emotions, so you’ll probably get a smooth-talking, even-keel, Aquarius compound in any given situation. You may hear about it at a later time, once you have the space they need to face their true emotions, but it will definitely keep themselves in a stressful situation.

Sometimes, you might just write out without giving notice, however. They will try to repair a long-term relationship, but that does not mean much to them, you probably won ‘t waste your time.


As a water sign, Pisces emotions’ are profound. As such, they tend to get angry for nothing sometimes, but that probably will not know. They do not like to discuss, and avoid at all costs. Therefore, like some of the other signs, they will suppress their emotions until the end of time, both yours and their good.

Pisces is likely to go on their own to stay calm and hash of things. They could throw things, mourn, and cry to feel better, or the explosion of a little angry metal music to help out their emotions.

Pisces can hold a grudge, but it all depends on the situation. If it comes to a lot of them are likely to come and sit with you to discuss things.

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