Cash For Diabetics – Selling Test Strips & Supplies?

There has been a recent trend of companies buying test strips for diabetics and diabetics from then sell for a profit. Cash for diabetics is one of those companies. Here’s our opinion.

What is effective for diabetics?

effective for diabetics
, as you guessed by the name, you promise to give cash to people with diabetes.

The website will buy test strips for diabetics unused for cash. It promises to give money to your leftovers in a hassle-free way.

effective for diabetics is one of the many companies that have emerged in the last two years. These companies buy and sell diabetic test strips and medical supplies sold second hand for profit.

A news report from North Carolina said the practice is legal, but that “the sale of second-hand medical supplies is considered a” gray market “.”

With this in mind, let’s take a look at how it works in cash for diabetics.

How does effective for diabetics work?

effective for diabetics works in a three-step process:

– Step 1) requests a kit Enter your basic contact information and the company sends you a postage-paid kit to start.

– Step 2) You send your boxes unused test strips through the free distribution kit

-. Step 3) You pay by check delivered to your door

When you initially sign up for the site, you will be asked to choose the number of boxes you would like (1-6, 7-12 13 or +).

The service is available in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. Currently, effective for diabetics is only available to US residents.

This is how the company explains its business practices:

“ makes it quick and easy to get paid for their excess diabetes testing supplies. just ask one of our kits distributed free by filling out the form and send a container with postage paid to use for us to send supplies once we receive your package will inspect the quality and send you a check. – so easy “

after receiving his strips, effective for diabetics will mail out checks within 2 business days after receiving your package. It is stated that the check should arrive at your home within 2 to 8 business days.

How much money can you make?

Now let’s get to the fun part: the amount of money you can actually make by selling medical supplies used in any online business

The company lists all your prices? the most popular brands diabetic test strip. Prices range from $ 1 for low-quality brands as much as $ 40 for premium brands. This is how the pricing is broken down:

OneTouch Ultra Blue

– retail boxes US 100 to 102 Strips: $ 36
– boxes US retail 50 to 51 strips: $ 16
– boxes not for retail US: $ 8

FreeStyle Lite

– retail boxes US 100 102 Strips: $ 38
– boxes US retail of 50-51 Strips: $ 16
– boxes not for retail US: $ 8

Accu-Chek Arriva Plus

– retail boxes US 100 to 102 Strips: $ 40
– boxes US retail of 50-51 Strips: $ 16
– boxes not for sale retail US: $ 6

Accu-Chek SmartView

– retail boxes US 100 to 102 Strips: $ 30
– boxes US retail 50 to 51 strips: $ 14
– boxes not for retail US: $ 6


– retail boxes US 100 to 102 Strips: $ 20
– boxes uS retail of 50-51 Strips: $ 4
– boxes not for us retail: $ 2


– retail boxes US 100 to 102 Strips: $ 20
– boxes US retail of 50-51 Strips: $ 10
– boxes not for retail US: $ 5

FreeStyle InsuLinx

– retail boxes US 100 to 102 Strips: $ 20
– boxes US retail of 50-51 Strips: $ 10
– boxes not for retail US: $ 5

OneTouch Verio

– retail boxes US 100 to 102 Strips: $ 20
– boxes US retail of 50-51 Strips: $ 10
– boxes not for retail US: $ 5

Contour Next

– retail boxes uS 100 to 102 Strips: $ 14
– boxes uS retail of 50-51 Strips: $ 4
– boxes not for us retail: $ 2

Accu -Check Compact Plus

– retail boxes US 100 to 102 Strips: $ 20
– US retail boxes 50 to 51 strips: $ 10
– boxes not for the retail US: $ 5


– retail boxes US 100 to 102 Strips: $ 4
– boxes US retail of 50-51 Strips: $ 1
– Boxes not for us retail $ 0.50

What’s the catch?

effective for diabetics will pay prices above for your boxes of test strips for diabetics. Actually there is a catch.

However, the most important thing to remember is that supplies should be sealed, unused, unexpired, and in good condition.

Section Terms and Conditions effective for diabetics unexpired described as “a total of 30 days before the expiration date.”

If supplies do not meet the above requirements, then cash for diabetics actually grab test strips and not send them back:

“If supplies do not meet all above, and / or are those not accept, understand that I have to lose my useful and can not get paid. ”

The only other important condition is that it must be at least 18 years old to sell their supplies.

Prescription labels are removed from the cash boxes for diabetics. The company recommends that you do not remove the prescription label yourself before sending it in, as it can damage the packaging.

How effective for diabetics make money?

effective for diabetics is one of many companies in the game diabetic test strips.

In a report from 2012 explained how businesses work:

– diabetic test strips can cost hundreds of dollars a month and are a bit expensive for those living with diabetes

– Many people with diabetes do not pay hundreds of dollars a month for their test strips because they have good insurance or who are on Medicare / Medicaid, in which case a supply monthly diabetic test strips may be as low as $ 10 or free

– A box of these test strips will sell for as much as $ 125 per box. Companies like cash for diabetics pay $ 20 to $ 40 per box, then sell the boxes to a wholesaler to make a profit. The wholesaler sells online for “around $ 80”.

This report is linked also claimed that Medicare paid more than $ 1 billion test strips in 2009. The FDA, meanwhile, say it is legal to buy and sell the test strips because You not need a prescription to get them. However, when a doctor writes a prescription for one, you are covered by insurance or Medicare.

reports TheDailyBeast many diabetics receive more test strips that need every month:

“Jerry Koblin, who runs a pharmacy family in Nyack, NY, he says many of his clients complain that their programs auto-fill send too many boxes of test strips. scalpers online are aware that the strips expire, of course, and constantly ads run in newspapers and Internet screaming, “WE BUY TEST STRIPS! $ 20- $ 30 fast cash! “For diabetics with a glut of strips, it is a tempting offer, even though it is against the law to resell subsidized by Medicare or Medicaid supplies.”

The report also states that some diabetics in need of money will skip a day of tests and then sell their surplus medical supplies for a profit.

on cash for diabetics

effective for diabetics does not list all online information about itself apart from one email address and phone number.

– Email: [email protected]
– Phone: 1-888-428-2050

The company does not show the address or location online. A WHOIS search revealed that the site was registered on December 18, 2014 through, although no further information is listed.

must sell your test strips for diabetics?

Ultimately, effective for diabetics is an online version of the companies that are in your neighborhood buying and selling diabetic test strips. The company clearly lists their prices online and send you a pre-paid box for shipping.

The only possible problem with cash for diabetics is their ability to deny cash for test strips if they do not meet the eligibility requirements: as if the packaging is slightly damaged or unsealed. If you send in test strips that do not meet the requirements, then the company takes possession of test strips without giving payment -. So you could end up with no cash and no test strips

However, provided it meets the requirements to provide, and test strips sealed unexpired packaged diabetics, cash for diabetics seems to be a simple way to earn money through the legal gray area selling used medical supplies online.

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