Christie Brinkley Recapture 360 Face Cream – Complete Skincare System‎?

Every woman strives for flawless skin, smooth and beautiful appearance. However, finding the skin care product on the right is not only approximate, low almost impossible. Most products skin care are rich in chemicals, synthetic ingredients, and substances that can not even pronounce correctly. For best results, a natural solution is the way to go.

One of the skin care products seems to capture a large audience and has a history of providing surprising results is Christie Brinkley Reconquista 360 . This skin care product is produced and is the secret to model regime skin care Christie Brinkley.

About Christie Brinkley Reconquista 360

Christie Brinkley Reconquista 360 is a product of skin care that works like a formula anti-aging protection and sun. SPF product contains three different active ingredients that work to protect your skin from sun and environmental damage. This ensures that your skin remains in good condition and that the anti-aging results are well protected. Second, the formula contains numerous high quality ingredients such as natural botanicals that work to smooth fine lines and wrinkles all over her face. As a whole, the product is a type of skin care that you can rely on the results flawless beauty vegan solution.

A formula almost pure

While the formula contains a number of botanicals high quality and antioxidants such as bakuchiol and ergothioneine, which are conductive to the results of anti-aging, handicap there is some synthetic ingredients. Synthetic ingredients are mainly used to strengthen the fragrant aroma of the formula, which is a positive quality if you are looking for a cream skin care smells good.

The main types of snthetics include aminomethyl propanol and pentylene. Note that these ingredients can cause allergic reactions in some women. As a result, you must first test the formula on a small part of your skin before applying everywhere for the first time.

Five amino acids

Christine Brinkley Reconquista 360 also contains five different amino acids that can rely on anti-aging qualities. Amino acids are responsible for keeping the firm, smooth and radiant skin for a long period of time. The main types of amino acids include copper and prolinate. Amino acids are an effective and positive way to achieve silky smooth skin you are expecting.

The benefits of Reconquista 360

Before choosing any anti-aging product, one of the main questions you need to ask yourself is what makes this product better than others the market. The good news is that you will find that the Reconquista 360 raises a number of excellent benefits that you are unable to find elsewhere. For example, when this solution is used skin care skin , you enjoy the following benefits:

Reduction in the appearance of wrinkles

The first advantage of Reconquista 360 is that the formula works reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles . Recapture 360 ​​stimulates the production of collagen and elastin peptides using powerful and effective that sink into the dermal layer of the skin. Once in the dermal layer, collagen peptides help reinforce the appearance, firmness and strength of the skin cells. With cells firmer skin, the surface of the skin is able to recover its previous youthful appearance.

Removes multiple signs of aging

The next advantage to formula skin care is that it eliminates multiple signs of aging . The formula puts an end to age spots, puffiness under the eyes, and other qualities associated with aging. With this formula, you can keep your youthful appearance and therefore will not look tired and without energy throughout the day. Moreover, to further protect your skin, the formula avoids the effect of free radicals, which release when you are tired or stressed.

skin hydrated

Another benefit of this product skin care is formulated not only to reverse the signs of aging, but also leads to suppler, softer skin more hydrated. Higher moisture levels lead to a greater firmness that may appear more youthful throughout the day. Humidity levels are also locked in preserving its renewed appearance.

Three effective technologies

Christie Brinkley Reconquista 360 is based on three different types of technologies. The technologies listed below are drivers of anti-aging product qualities.


The first is the Revive technology. This element of the formula works skin care to replenish skin cells to an aspect of the firmer and stronger surface. Moreover, collagen and elastin to restore the cells for as long as you continue to use the product as directed.


The second technology is better. In this case, the formula works to improve the appearance of the skin as a whole by removing age spots, puffiness under the eyes and other aging-related. With these types of improvements, you will be able to achieve comprehensive results.


latest technology works to protect the skin against environmental damage, damage from free radicals and sun exposure. For the first time the revival and improvement of their skin, the protection phase ensures that the latter results in the long term.

outlets and prices

If you are interested in solving skin care Christie Brinkley, then you can buy the product outside the website of the brand. The product is currently priced at $ 89.95. While this may seem expensive for a solution skin care, based on a review of product performance and quality of the ingredients, it is actually reasonable. On the other hand, if you add the Advanced System Bio-Clock Anti-aging, you can save $ 175 total purchase. Chances are, you will not find in a system of care so broad and even better skin, the products will not provide with impressive results, such as products made Christine Brinkley.


If you are interested in rejuvenate, restore and improve the appearance of your skin, then the system of Christine Brinkley is the right program for you. skin care products brand, as a whole, provide a complete solution for aging so that you can keep an impeccable appearance for years to come. If you have any questions, concerns or problems with your product, then you can contact the brand through your phone line or email. contact information of the mark is on their website.

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