Daily pycnogenol improves memory, focus and mood

Natural Health News – New research shows that a natural plant extract of maritime pine French delivery could help improve memory and mental performance.

The study published in Science Journal of Neurosurgery shows the daily use of Pycnogenol (pic-Noj-en-all), is a safe natural option effective in improving day- to-day cognitive function, which essentially serves as “brain food ‘for executives, entrepreneurs, and those who want to help sharpen their decision-making.

beyond this, however, the new study found that Pycnogenol can positively impact mood, as participants reported less anxiety and a stronger sense of the contents felt.

the study reviewed conducted in Chieti -Pescara University in Italy included 59 participants between the ages of 35 and 55, all of which were generally followed a fit and healthy lifestyle. While there is no single solution to improve cognitive function patterns lifestyle and daily exercise routines have shown to increase attention span and improve mood.

Thus, in the study, which involved 60 people, half of the participants complements Pycnogenol 50 mg / three times a day in combination with a controlled health plan; and the other half served as a control group following the health plan alone controlled. The health plan involved regular sleep, a balanced diet and daily exercise.

After 12 weeks of daily supplementation with Pycnogenol, results are also shown in

  • Significantly improve mood (16% increase Pycnogenol against a decrease, -2.1% in controls)
  • measurable performance boost so mentally (8.9% vs. 3.1%)
  • Advance sustained attention (13, 4% increase) and memory (3.6% increase)
  • , drastically reducing oxidative stress (30% decrease Pycnogenol)

“This study completes a series of research observations indicate that Pycnogenol naturally can help improve some aspects of cognitive throughout life functions. Multiple studies have been conducted using Pycnogenol and showing its positive effects on management and improvement some parameters of attention in children with ADHD, in improving results of specific cognitive tests in students and in improving various aspects of cognitive functions in adults over 60 years ” , Dr. Gianni Belcaro said, principal investigator of the study.

“These latest findings are consistent with decades of research on the ability of Pycnogenol to regulate naturally the levels of oxidative stress (which can significantly affect some cognitive functions) and confirm the positive impact on cognitive function global.”

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