Dr. Songtao Shi, the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial research has a study that found that children’s teeth contain 1-2 dozen important essential microorganism which can be used to treat even more distinctive in life diseases.

Specialists have been considering the impacts of the undifferentiated cells in the heart, brain, pancreas and the different organs in repairing damage conceivable ailment. The group of Dr. Shi found that one species grown teeth contain fundamental microorganism while infant teeth (from young ripened 7 and 8) containing immature totally distinctive microorganisms.

Child teeth can save lives, if they could not bear the idea of ​​storing the blood of your baby catheter for fundamental microorganisms or you have not considered this time !!!

How can it work?

Fundamental microorganisms are located in the dental mash inside the tooth, which is then recovered in neurons, bone and ligament (or cardiovascular cells). This treatment may be feasible to order I diabetes, since the immature tooth microorganisms can be transformed into the pancreatic cells that produce insulin.

To save the undeveloped that can be valuable cells have to be alive. Within 48 hours of being solidified, the proper dental puree blood supply needs short of what this and the cell transmitted.

The Director of Regenerative Dental Laboratory, Dr. Murray dwindle, said oral tissue and teeth can be recovered by microorganisms immature child’s teeth, tooth buds, the third molars, periodontal tissue or pluripotent cells driven.

There are governments that can store the child’s teeth, which prescribe the evacuation of children’s teeth by dental experts; the tooth should not hang, arguing that along these lines `s quite conceivable that does not contain enough blood supply. Some organizations offer storage compartment and home collection process, others offer group sending supplies and so tutors can prevent their children’s teeth themselves.

In the video below, you can see a dental specialist who `s urging the guards to save their dientes` s baby because they can be life savers.

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