Depressed man who preferred & # 039; natural remedies & # 039; had a variety of types and flavors of cannabis at home

A court heard that a variety of cannabis varieties and flavors "similar brands" were found in the home of a potential supplier, which also had vacuum packaging equipment.

Police officers conducted a search at James Barton's Glenfield home and discovered 28 separate quantities of the class B drug, some sealed in bags with labels, which had a collective value of up to £ 2,755.

Barton, 36, who has a prior conviction, admitted possessing cannabis, with the intention of supplying, on July 5 of this year and breached a sentence of 10 months of suspended prison.

Leicester Crown Court told him that he had refused prescription medications for mental health problems in favor of medicating with "natural remedies" using cannabis.

Lynsey Knott, prosecuting, said: "The defendant directed the officers who were executing a search warrant to his garage where there was a quantity of cannabis and various items associated with drugs."

"There were bottles of cannabis liquid, a container of cannabis extract, a bottle containing 10 grams of cannabis and vacuum-sealed bags with a sealer."

The court was told that airtight bags could be used to preserve cannabis or mail cannabis "with minimal detection."

Miss Knott said: "Inside the house were 11 sealed bags of the drug and a can containing 38 grams.

"There were several types of cannabis with different labels, such as having different brands and in various flavors."

The total seized amounted to 247 grams.

It had a wholesale value of up to £ 2,085 and a potential retail value of £ 2,755.


Judge Nicholas Dean QC said: "You were before your honorary judge (Robert) Brown in October of last year for possessing cannabis with the intention of supplying in March 2017.

"It gave you a chance.

"He imposed 10 months in prison, suspended for 12 months, and when he suspended the sentence, he would have told him, in the clearest terms possible, what the consequences would be for violating him with an additional crime, and he certainly said he would. Serious if he committed a similar crime.

"The reality is that you simply ignored what they told you last October.

"The police arrived at his house in July, no doubt about the information received.

"You indicated the address of your hiding place, which had not come into your possession that day.

"You should have realized last October what the consequences would be for your family if you were offended again.

"You just didn't realize what they told you."

The judge said he accepted that the defendant had a history of depression.

He added: "I have read letters from your family and I feel for your wife and children, but you are the person who placed them in this position.

"An immediate prison sentence is inevitable."

Barton nodded in agreement at the dock when Judge Dean said: "I am sure this is the last time you will be in court."


Bozzie Sheffi, mitigating, said Barton was "a husband of the house and a full-time father" who previously worked for British Gas for 10 years, where he was subjected to "intimidation" and was fired ill for about a year.

She said in a letter to the court that Barton said she lamented the "emotions and anguish" that he had caused to his wife and family, especially since he was arrested, but that he had learned from his mistakes.

Miss Sheffi said: "She has suffered mental health problems.

"Instead of accepting the medicine they offered him, he decided to self-medicate like so many others do."

"He knows it was wrong.

"He suffered a brief and acute shock when he was arrested."

Judge Dean said: "He says he made the decision to avoid antidepressant medication and used natural remedies instead.

"But they told him what the consequences would be for more offenses."

"The sentence suspended in October did not make a small difference in their behavior."

Miss Sheffi said: "Your young family has been severely affected by what Barton has done."

"He has to accept that the court gave him a chance, we're talking about second chances and that's what I ask him to do today."

"Your time in custody has been beneficial in terms of your understanding."


Barton, of May Drive, Glenfield, was jailed for a total of 14 months.

He also admitted owning criminal property, that is, £ 200 seized in his arrest, which was confiscated by the court.

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