Did You Know? Crooked Nose Can Cause Serious Health Problems Which You Didn’t Know About!

It is believed that 90 percent of people have a certain degree of deviation the nasal septum. Most of the discrepancies is innate, a number occurs after a trauma, the most common fracture of the nose. distorted nasal septum were to blame for the large number of respiratory diseases.

People who have bad nasal septum usually breathe through their mouths. The role of the nose is to purify air and heat, and mouth breathing air enters directly into the lungs unrefined.


Over time, the mucous membranes of the nose loses its function, because it is not in use, and atrophy, leading to viral and bacterial infections common in the nose, sinuses and rhinitis. Usually, when these people are infections of the throat and lungs.

These people often complain of fatigue, exhaustion and suffocation, and the inability to climb stairs.

Blockage in breathing through the nose can cause the formation of polyps, chronic sinusitis and rhinitis.

The only treatment is surgery of the septum, or correction. The operation allows better access through the nasal passage. If the mucous membrane is damaged, it is certain aerosols, hydration and washed regularly, but the healing process takes months. If the patient is persistent and disciplined after this period of the mucous membranes restore its function and sense of smell, but it is often necessary to continue the therapy prescribed by specialist doctors.

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