Do Vitamin D Supplements Vary in Quality and Does it Matter?

Most people do not think much about the quality of their vitamin supplements. They just assume that the FDA is protecting them from manufacturing under par. I’m sorry to dissapoint you. The FDA can barely keep up with prescription drugs, dietary supplements left alone. When it comes to the quality of vitamin D that are more or less on their own, as this reader notes:

P You recently answered a man who was trying to get their vitamin D levels even after being treated for prostate cancer. You should have mentioned something about taking a high quality supplement.

Not all supplements are created equal. When my vitamin D level was tested a year ago, it was very low despite taking vitamin D pills a day. My naturopath put me in a high quality D (changing anything else) and within six months my level was where I needed to be. People should be educated about the vital importance of quality in their supplements.

A. His point is valid. A study in JAMA Internal Medicine (April 8, 2013) found an extreme variability in dose between vitamin D. Some pills had as little as 9 percent of the dose on the label, while others had up to 140 percent. Test Results:

The FDA does not monitor the quality of dietary supplements so that consumers are on their own. tests supplements, but you have to pay for the reports.

can mention that found enough D supplements that met their standards. We’ve personally used Nature Made and life extension with seemingly good results, but no endorsements of products of vitamin D. By the way is offered, if you look at the review of vitamin D in it is a series of Q & A that are useful and that you will not have to subscribe (or pay) to benefit from the answers.

Day time agency?

A prostate oncologist told us that when he has patients who can not get their vitamin D levels in the recommended often encouraged to take their vitamin right after dinner area. His experience was that this absorption improved and was more effective than taking D after breakfast.

The good news about vitamin D is that you can monitor your progress. Talk to your doctor about the target range should be regularly and then take a blood test to see if it has reached that goal.

And do not forget that a few minutes (10 to 15 in the summer) often can provide good levels of vitamin D naturally. Most dermatologists do not get too aggravated with such short exposure times as long as that does not burn the skin.

Does vitamin D make a difference for prostate cancer?

We are waiting for well-controlled clinical trials to demonstrate the benefits of vitamin D, either in preventing recurrence or improving mortality statistics. However, no data to suggest that there is a sweet spot for D ( Dermatology and endocrinology May 16, 2016) . Too much or too little is where people get into trouble.

To learn more about the pros and cons of vitamin D, the sweet spot and how to interpret laboratory values ​​we offer our Guidelines for Vitamin D deficiency this link .

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