We all laughed, and if we’re lucky, they do often.

There are a million reasons to laugh. A funny joke, a comedy, a story of a friend – it can be the smallest thing that gets us going. And sometimes, we can not really stop once we started!

But what most people do not know is that laughter can tell the people around you something very specific about your personality.

Whether your laughter is strong and vibrant or as quiet as a mouse, there is a message to be sent to the sound you make.

As with the true meaning of your dreams, these hidden messages are completely natural and come from a truly authentic place within you.

is very interesting – I could not believe what my laugh says about my personality. It’s so true!

Check out the list below, and see what your laughter is saying about you


  • Giggling is known to be a way to suppress laughter in an effort to be friendly.

People who laugh are troublemakers who do not actually go through the trouble – would rather see someone else do it


  • the laughter is a social laughter, pointing to an extrovert as the source of loud, fun.

This form of laughter can be contagious – so keep laughing, guffawers


  • A snort is sound it does someone when they are suppressing his laughter somehow.

When someone snorts, pointing to a modest, introverted person because they are making an effort not to laugh out loud.


  • A person who laughs without making any sound is humble and introverted.

They do not want to draw attention to themselves, so make as little noise as possible.

What are you laughing? What did your laughter reveals about you? Let us know in the comments.

Please share laughter to see what your friends say about them!

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