Ear Hair May Predict Whether You Will Develop Heart Disease

The chances of developing heart disease can be predicted by the family history of heart disease, weight and blood pressure . However, there is another sign that has been discovered by a new investigation. That is, there is a hidden connection between the ear and heart disease. The fold of the ear can say something about our heart health.

The leading cause of death in the US it is heart disease.

There was a significant connection made between testosterone levels and the propensity to have a heart attack.

Have you or someone close to you have hair on their ears?

Or maybe you have an ear lobe increase?

These two attributes have been linked to heart disease and the risk of having a heart attack. How is this possible?

An investigation was done in the 80s and 90s found that these features can show if you’re having a heart attack or not. There was a comparison made of the rates of coronary heart disease among men with or without a fold of earlobe among the population of India, the discovery that the presence of wrinkles and hair is positively correlated with arterial disease coronary.

According to some people these results may be related to testosterone levels. Hair follicles may be sensitive to testosterone in older age and because of this, the amount of hair in the ear can be an indicator of testosterone levels. There is a known relationship between testosterone and heart disease. This shows that the ear hair does not cause heart disease, but it has some predictive capabilities.

Further research needs to be done to check this connection and if you really predict heart disease and attacks. The correlation can be unnerving, so you may want to have a talk with your doctor to check.

Do not you think that if you are exhausted and get trimmer ear hair will improve your health.

source: diply.com

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