Easy DIY remedies to get clean and polished feet during monsoons

The monsoons are here and that means that our feet are in grave danger. Below are the easy home remedies to make sure your feet feel pampered and look their best even in this messy season.

The rains are officially here! Especially in Mumbai and the southern states of the country. However, the monsoons have not been taken completely, which gives us a little space for preparation. We have already told you how to keep your hair intact and we have also helped you with facial masks that you can turn to.

While we can prepare everything we want, let's be honest that our feet suffer the most. Obviously, we can not afford to stay inside and moving on the road is a part of it. While regular visits to the room can be heavy in our pockets; Below are the easy home remedies to make sure your feet feel pampered and look their best even in this messy season.

Cut and clean myselfur nails regularly

It is very important to cut dead and brittle nails. Not only this, applying darker nail paint for a longer period of time can cause your nails to turn yellow. Also exfoliate the nails is a very important step to keep the nails healthy. If you want a quick solution for your nails with a major impact, take a little lemon juice and an old toothbrush and clean it from all corners.

Soak your feet in warm water with Epsom salt

Easiest remedy of all time. If you feel that your feet feel too tired or tired, this is the easiest solution. Soak your feet in a hot water tub, preferably hot, add Epsom salt or a little coconut oil and dip your feet in the water for about 20-30 minutes and you will feel that your whole body feels extremely relaxed. Use a pumice stone or loifa to clean it properly and get rid of dead skin. Post this your feet will also look polished and clean.

Clean your nail beds

It is extremely important for you to make sure that your nails are clean and shiny. It is best to clean your nails once you have bathed or after soaking your feet in water. In this way, the nails will be a bit soft and it will be easy to clean them correctly. Wash your nails so they look original and adequate.

Hydrate your nails

Every part of our body needs hydration and our feet are not different. Hydrate the feet, feet and not only that, use cuticle oil or coconut oil and apply them to the nails. You will see an immediate effect and also your nails will grow healthier and stronger.

Our feet are an extremely important part of our outer appearance. More than that, the steps mentioned above are a good step towards personal hygiene. With the rains and puddles overflowing, make sure you take good care of your feet.

Were these tips mentioned above useful? Do you have anything else we can try? Comment below and let us know.

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