Excessive hair loss? Here are three effective natural remedies

Have you ever brushed your hair this morning and found one or many strands of hair torn out without you noticing? Or maybe you've seen it in the drain while showering or on the pillow after waking up in the morning. For many, hair loss is a common problem and is usually caused by dry and frizzy hair. And while it is easy to lose 50-100 threads a day (as new ones grow), losing much more than that can be a sign of a more serious problem, one that needs to be reviewed.

Of course, there are many reasons behind this. On the one hand, factors such as hormones and nutritional intake contribute to hair loss in some way, as well as exposure to radiation, medications and even environmental toxins.

In any case, here are some safe home remedies for those who suffer from excessive hair loss:

aloe vera

Long promoted as a natural remedy for hair loss, it is not surprising that many shampoo products have aloe vera in their formula. As a remedy, aloe vera helps clean the sebum, which then unclogs the follicles and causes the hair to grow back.

Fish oil

Fish oil as a remedy promotes the growth of dermal papilla cells, which reside under the hair follicles and influence their development from the epidermis. This results in hair growth. Your omega-3 can also help thicken your hair.

Coconut oil

Another popular home remedy, coconut has lauric acid, which penetrates the hair shaft and prevents the root and strand from breaking.


According to studies, ginseng can help promote hair growth by stimulating dermal papilla cells to produce new hair follicles. In addition, it is also known to help the hair growth phase be much longer than normal.


More commonly known as mulethi, studies have shown that licorice powder that turns into paste can be formulated in an herbal shampoo. Simply add lauryl ether sodium sulfate, sodium chloride, methylparaben and some other ingredients to the mixture, and you will get a homemade shampoo that has been proven to provide excellent hair cleansing, which prevents bacteria from ruining it.

Hair loss

Chemotherapy is known for its side effect that causes alopecia or hair loss in patients, which can be permanent and affect the quality of life of an individual. Pixabay . (tagsToTranslate) hair loss (t) hair loss (t) factors (t) home remedies (t) natural remedies (t) licorice (t) hair follicles (t) aloe vera (t) fish oil (t) oil coconut (t) ginseng

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