Fibromyalgia Pain Relief: It’s Time to Take Control

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Looking fibromyalgia pain relief ? You’re probably thinking, well duh, why else would not be here.

First, thanks for coming. Natural Health Post had the best of everything we find and bring to our readers. Some of this information comes from personal experience (yep, honestly understand). Other information comes from research and study the success of others.

Most importantly, I have great news to share. We have options!

Fibromyalgia Pain Relief Anyone?

Fibromyalgia Pain Relief Anyone?

We all know doctors give drugs to try to help. But did you know that there are plenty of other options as well? You’ve probably heard about how diet and exercise can make a difference. But, have you heard of all people receiving relief are herbal and natural treatments?

I’m not talking about having to buy exotic makeup or beer witches potions. I’m talking about the things that is readily available at your local store, online and maybe something in a health food store.

In this post, I will share some of the herbs that I have personally used and some others I’m looking forward to trying. Like anything that can not be done too quickly or you do not know what is really helping.

what is trying to get out of her fibromyalgia pain relief? If you’re like me, which is not only pain relief you are seeking. What about brain fog, exhaustion, depression? Yes, that can be as strong as pain, right?

Again, the big news is that there are options. All you have to do is read and decide to try some of your options. Until we have a handy-dandy free printing for you for reference!

Let’s start by answering some questions!

Why can not my doctor help ease the pain of fibromyalgia?

is hard for us to picture, but regular doctors are not taught to heal. They are taught to treat. They are also trying to treat something not even understand. Until a few years ago, no one believed that fibromyalgia is real.

Its high time doctors and everyone else finally admitted that there is something wrong. Some doctors recognize that fibro (as we call it) is real. Others still act as if something in his head.

Many primary care physicians and even some specialists just try to fill drug. When one does not work, you get another. So … you get to separate what is side effects and what is the normal symptoms.

I remember being the one in the doctor and be with someone when the doctor just kind of scratched his head. “Well, it could be … or maybe … but I’m really not sure what’s going on.” If you’ve been there, you know it’s not not dealt honestly do not know.

True to his training of our wonderful doctors do their best with the drugs they have on hand. But I do not know about you, but I want to feel better and be better, not just more doped. Being in so many drugs makes us almost nonfunctional as the disease process itself.

More pain relief fibromyalgia

Actually I’m not a betting person. Maybe you are and that’s great. But if I had to wage a bet, I put money on it that you suffer in many ways beyond just the physical pain of fibromyalgia.

We all know how real is our suffering! Have you ever wanted to go shopping, or on a date, or for a special event, but just could not? Maybe it was a child or grandchild baseball game. Perhaps you missed days of work due to fatigue, pain or depression. Heck, maybe you’re in the boat with thousands of others who are not able to function at all.

I talk to some of my friends, I have to thank times. I learned real quickly that there is always someone worse than me. But you know what? I got tired of it (no pun intended).

is just not right, we have to continue suffering. It’s like a bad hidden beast that affects the whole body and his whole life. Of course medicines do something for us, but bring powerful side effects that make it difficult to function well.

The pain of fibromyalgia goes far beyond physical pain. It is a pain of life. It hurts everything from their self-esteem, relationships, subsistence. There is simply no end to what this monster can do for you.

When a person is saying about your illness, help understand fibromyalgia beyond physical pain. There is so much more he suffers.

If still not diagnosed, but feels sure he can be a victim, so you can have a look here in our article about the symptoms of fibromyalgia. I tried to do a very good job of explaining and describing them. But … if you have it, you probably already know!

Fibromyalgia Pain Relief! Not More Pills!

fibromyalgia pain relief!
No more pills!

Tired of suffering? What we do and do not know

After so many years of unanswered questions and little relief, is not it sometimes just want to quit? It is sad to say that many people have. What I have discovered is that we should not. We can feel better. There is help.

But … what do we do about it? First, we must consciously recognize what we know and do not know. We need to really understand what the current state of our situation.

This is what we know:

  • pills do not fibromyalgia stop
  • Fibromyalgia drug pain relief can be addictive
  • Drugs are bad for you
  • medications only mask the symptoms of fibromyalgia
  • medication is in WAY too many side effects

so … in light of the fact that the medical profession does not understand what is happening and drugs are not the answer, we have to help ourselves. There are many things we can do. First, however, we must know the truth about ourselves.

How do I know if I have fibromyalgia?

When trying to figure out the puzzle of the symptoms of fibromyalgia, which is often thought he was losing. Something just does not seem right because no one seemed to understand.

You probably also know what it feels like to question himself.

Frustrated with Fibromyalgia

Frustrated with fibromyalgia

  • Is this all in my head?
  • is what really feels so bad?
  • Am I dying?
  • Why I can not find my answers?

Perhaps you wonder if you’re going crazy. I know I did! I started doing research on my symptoms. In the beginning I read things about fibromyalgia it was not real. People talked about us like we had some sort of mental disorder rather than a real physical problem.

That led me to be more depressed and feel like crap about me. Oh, boy, that was very helpful, right? The doctors could not help, medications really do not do much for me (except me tired and nausea). Sounds familiar?

Well … do not worry, you’re not crazy. Fibromyalgia is real! is a difficult disease process, but it is very real. So … why is it so hard and difficult?

knew that one of the problems is the disease itself. The symptoms are so broad and diverse that makes it difficult to determine and diagnose fibromyalgia. If you’ve been in several documents, you know what I’m talking about.

You’re probably thinking well … so how do I know if I have it?

symptoms of fibromyalgia: only the tip of the iceberg

Just the Tip of the Monster

just the tip of monster

These are only some of the symptoms that I felt a few more friends and family have told me:

  • pain
  • depression
  • mind confused
  • confusion
  • fatigue / tiredness / decreased energy
  • difficulty sleeping
  • exercise intolerance and muscle pain
  • gastrointestinal problems (constipation and diarrhea)
  • and there is still a lot more

If you are diagnosed with the disease or think you might have it, you have probably been through the wringer. Some might say that you have been a living hell.

When it comes to treatment, which is difficult as well. Once the diagnosis is made several different medications doctors will try. Some work better than others. You have to go through the “try this, try that cycle” and hopefully something will help.

If you want to know how to fibromyalgia pain relief, among other things, stick with us. We will show you many opportunities worth looking at right at the end of the page. Fortunately, there are a lot of options out there for us.

The Madness of fibromyalgia pain relief

Now let’s talk about “all those drugs” once again. What they actually do?

  1. They not remove the problems.
  2. Most of the time -. That not problems
  3. fix

  4. Son bad for you. Oh, yes, I said it … but it’s worth repeating.
  5. Han side effects and make it take even more medication .

Okay so … this is ridiculous right? Well … there’s something you can do. Herbal treatments have been shown to help. Herbs are natural and much cheaper than medicine. You may still have to take medication, but maybe not. Talk to your doctor about what you have found here and say you want to give it a try. Ask them to work with you to help. If you do not want … .find another doc. If you want, it’s just amazing!

So … all that said, let’s start learning about what we can do to treat yourself naturally and find some pain relief fibromyalgia.

Like medicine, you may have to do some tests to learn which combinations work best for you and your symptoms. Fortunately, these treatments are natural. If used correctly, you should not have to worry about side effects. Be sure to consult your doctor and / or a natural doctor, so they are aware of what herbal mixtures are using.

24 herbs for pain relief fibromyalgia

Now … let’s see what we can find. This is going to be down and dirty. What grass, what it is for, what it does and precaution. A note of all herbs though: If you are currently taking prescription medications, be sure to talk to your doctor before starting any new herbs! Because drugs come from a variety of (synthetic and natural) areas, you never know how they can interact with other things (including food).

Herbs come directly from nature. In fact, once you get the hang of it and know that something works for you, you may be able to grow by itself.

Here are some of our favorites. Let us know if you know of other useful herbs also. Please!

Herbs anti-inflammatory and pain reducing

root of devil’s claw

  • pain
  • decreased inflammation
  • sedative properties – Improves sleep Herbal Medicine
    Herbal Medicine

pine bark

  • contains salicylic acid, the active ingredient in aspirin
  • also acts as an antioxidant
  • Do not take this herb if you have ulcers.
  • Nausea.
  • Do not give to children.

Willow bark

  • reduce muscle pain and fever
  • contains salicylic acid, the active ingredient aspirin
  • Do not take this herb if you have ulcers
  • may cause nausea.
  • Do not give to children.

Turmeric – also has antibiotic and adjuvant properties of circulation
(Do not use this herb if you have a biliary tract obstruction The curcumin (yellow pigment in turmeric) .. stimulates bile secretion).

Boswellia – also improves the immune system

Ginger -. Also inhibits the production of prostaglandins pain, is a powerful antioxidant and desintoxicante


(Do not give children under 2 years of age. Do not take if you are taking medications that thin the blood, diabetes, heart disease, are pregnant or have a disease of the gallbladder . biliary or gallstones ginger may interact with other medications causing malfunction)

nettle leaf -. This herb inhibits TNF-alpha and IL-1beta (inflammation signaling molecules). This is similar to the prescription etanercept drugs (Enbrel) prescribed to rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, and other inflammatory disease processes .

Herbs to improve the immune system

nder -. It is also a good detoxifier, antioxidant, and offers protection against radiation and sunlight damage

(Not recommended if you take blood-thinning medications blood.)

Astralagus -. not only improve Astralagus your immune system but also helps increase energy, fight fatigue and stress

the burdock root – is a powerful antioxidant, but has an even greater resistance when used with vitamin E . It also cleanses the blood stream.

herbs to build up your immune system

build your immune system

Cayenne – also improves circulation, helps lose weight, and many other uses. Cayenne can help other herbs to work more efficiently. helps with pain when applied topically.

Echinacea – also fights inflammation

(not take for more than 3 months If you have an allergy to ragweed is due.. avoid this herb)

goldenseal . -. This herb helps fight infection, reducing inflammation, cleansing the body, and reduces menstrual bleeding

(do not take it for more than one week at a time. If you have a ragweed allergy should avoid this herb. use only under the care of your health professional if you have diabetes, heart disease, or glaucoma. Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding.)

grape seed extract – also a powerful antioxidant, improves circulation, analgesic, and strengthens and repairs the connective tissue

red clover . – also cleanses the blood stream

NOTE: Combine red clover, dandelion, and burdock root to make a tea.. Consume 4-6 cups per day to boost your immune system and cleanse the bloodstream.

Natural Remedy: Fibromyalgia Pain Relief

natural remedy:
relief from fibromyalgia pain

Herbs for pain relief of fibromyalgia

licorice root – Help with numerous symptoms of fibromyalgia, such as inflammation fights (viral, bacterial and parasitic) infections, reduces muscle spasms, clean colon and helps irritable bowel, depression, PMS, and fatigue .

(Do not use licorice root if you are pregnant, have diabetes, glaucoma, severe menstrual problems, heart disease, or have had a stroke. Do not take for more than 7 days. prolonged use may elevate blood pressure)

dandelion -. It acts as a diuretic and cleanses the blood and liver

. (Do not combine prescription dandelion with diuretics Do not use if you have a biliary tract obstruction or gallstones..)

St. St. John’s Wort – Help depression and stress, and help control the pain of fibromyalgia


(If you take antidepressants, birth control pills, or blood thinners (anticoagulant drugs) to consult with your doctor before taking the St. John’s wort as it may interact with these drugs. It can cause anxiety, gastrointestinal symptoms, headaches, and increase sensitivity to sunlight)

Cat’s claw -. It is used to treat pain, inflammation , tumors, ulcers and arthritis by the Indians of Peru. It is also used as a detoxifier.

(Do not use if you are pregnant or have a bleeding disorder possible side effects: .. De headache, stomach pain, or difficulty breathing)

ginger – inhibits the production of prostaglandins pain, helps with flu-like symptoms, headaches, nausea and upset stomach. Also a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

(Do not give to children under 2 years of age. Do not take if you are taking anticoagulant medications, have diabetes, heart disease, are pregnant or have a disease of the gallbladder or stones . bile ginger may interact with other medications causing it to malfunction)

Matricaria -. it helps fight inflammation, muscle tension and spasms


(Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Before using feverfew, check with your provider health care if you are taking medications that thin the blood or pain medications over the counter. the combination feverfew with these drugs can result in internal bleeding)

energizing herbs

Ginseng -. help fibromyalgia fatigue . It also improves immune function, improves circulation and helps with stress.

(Do not use ginseng if you have high blood pressure, are pregnant or breastfeeding.)

Improve your sleep

valerian root – This herb is great to use for a lot of symptoms of fibromyalgia. It helps you to have a better quality of sleep, improves circulation and helps with anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, IBS, muscle cramps, pain and stress.

(Do not combine alcohol with this herb. Be careful when driving or operating dangerous machinery. Valerian may cause drowsiness and dizziness.)

kava kava – help with physical and mental relaxation, elevates the mood, also acts as a diuretic, and helps with muscle spasms, anxiety and other stress-related disorders. It also has other uses.

(Do not combine alcohol with this herb. Be careful when driving or operating dangerous machinery. Valerian may cause drowsiness and dizziness. Do not use kava if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, have depression, liver disease . or skin Check with your primary care doctor before taking if you are taking prescription drugs)

Claw Root Devil -. Helps reduce pain and inflammation. Promotes better sleep quality.

(Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Do not take this herb if you are taking blood-thinning medications without consulting your health care professional first.)

another idea to help me and could help you too …

is a good idea to keep a diary to document herbs or other natural treatment of fibromyalgia beginning and how they affect .

write in your journal every day at the track:

pen and paper

symptoms Journal of fibromyalgia

  • how he felt
  • activities
  • herbs you are taking
  • any other treatment
  • their progress daily

by keeping a diary that will be able to keep track of what worked for you and what does not. You can share this information with your doctor. Who knows you can help them learn something about how to get relief from fibromyalgia pain!

may be difficult at times, but try to be patient and stay positive. It may take several weeks to see good results for some patients.

Fibromyalgia Pain Relief Wrap

In summary of what we have covered, just remember you’re not alone. You are not crazy and no help! You may not be able to lose all medications, but can? By investigating alternative methods to control their fibromyalgia pain and other symptoms, they have a better chance to control it. So do not control you.

Here in Natural Health Post love to hear about your experiences. Let us know what you succeed!

Psst … scroll down and click the link to the chart free printable herbs! Includes a few more ideas on how to improve cognitive abilities and get better sleep!

Until next time … in nature with you,



Treatment of fibromyalgia It is most successful with a combination of diet, exercise, herbs and supplements, and get adequate rest and sleep.

** Caution: Herbs can possibly have side effects or interact with other herbs or medications you are taking. For this reason, you should consult your qualified health professional with knowledge of natural / botanical medicine before starting any new herbs for the treatment of fibromyalgia.

Inappropriate use of herbs can be dangerous. Do not use herbs if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, a child under 11 years of age are, have a disease, or are taking any medication unless you have consulted with your provider health care.

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