Have a bad hangover? 5 home remedies to cure it

Weekend parties often lead us to drink something in bars, which often results in a splash. While drinking in the allowed capacity is acceptable, excessive consumption not only alters your liver in the long term, but also leaves you with a bad hangover.

If you face dehydration, fatigue, nausea and muscle aches the day after drinking, you are likely to have a hangover. While it is never so good to have that feeling, here are some remedies that you can swear to cure hangover problems in young people.

one. Drink plenty of water: The first and most important thing is to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Also, consume water even while you drink. Alcohol often dehydrates your body, leading to the symptoms of a hangover. Alcohol also increases the amount of urine a person spends, which results in fluid loss and dehydration.

two. Eating breakfast well: While the hangover can leave you irritated, resulting in a loss of appetite, be sure to eat an adequate breakfast as it helps regulate blood sugar levels. Hangover often results in a low blood sugar level, caused by the breakdown of alcohol in the body. In addition, it also provides proteins, carbohydrates, healthy fats and vitamins that the body needs.

3. Drink ginger tea: It is known that ginger relieves an upset stomach. Drinking a ginger tea with half a teaspoon of honey can burn the alcohol that is still present in your system. If you do not want to make tea, even eating a slice of ginger is also a good alternative.

Four. Take some coconut water: While water rehydrates your body, it is equally important to have some sugar and salt in the supplements. It is known that a cup of coconut water contains more electrolytes than the sportier drink, which makes it excessively good for the irritating stomach.

5. Banana: Bananas comply with the amount of minerals and electrolytes that your body loses after drinking. To prevent hangover, you can have a banana before hitting the bar, to accumulate a certain level of potassium in your body.


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