He spent 39 years in prison for something he did not, you can not imagine as released from prison

Wiley Bridgeman leaves prison after 39 years

to meet daily and meet the people who complain about their current conditions whenever life presents a small obstacle or make you spend a bad move, but it is temporary, it is often a matter of a bad day and nothing else.

For other people in these bad times are not so ephemeral and run worse fate, however, these people like Mr. Kwame Ajamu remain strong before adversity that puts their lives and must cope one way or another.

Kwame Ajamu was sentenced to life in prison when he was 17 for allegedly committing a murder. Along with the child were implicated two other men who also had to pay the fine, but all were innocent. grew up in prison and life was anything but simple, in 2003 with the age of 57 years Kwame Ajamu granted parole, and at this point was when it appeared a witness key test became Kwame Ajamu was suffering in prison being innocent. The witness 18 years then confessed that he had lied and really the three men were innocent. After such statements as crucial to reopen the case and find the necessary evidence, the nightmare period for Kwame Ajamu and other stakeholders. However, as compensation for the error men they received $ 4.1 million, $ 40,000 a year in prison.

Currently Kwame Ajamu has the age of 52 years and claimed to have no resentment for justice done him . You now have a new opportunity you want to make the most and still have the strength that has shown so far.

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