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The Western world is struggling with obesity?. In recent years, this has been generally accepted, causing a sudden increase in the healthcare industry. In an effort to combat rising obesity rates across the country, more people than ever are getting active, trying to transform their lives and their bodies. The result of this cultural shift has opened the doors to some incredible products and services, all focused on getting active and being healthy.

There are so many different options when it comes to being healthy. Some of the most popular choices today are portable and mobile application technology. Mobile technology keeps track of a user’s heart rate, how far you have walked and how many calories you have burned. Many of these pieces of portable technology connected to phones, they also offer a lot of options healthy lifestyle. Applications allow users to track everything from what they eat and how far that run workouts and recipes.

The problem with all efforts to help people lead healthier lives are done is left a small space. While there are plenty of ways to get active and eat well, with programs and services that cater to these needs like crazy, very few people do not know the facts about health. There are so many ideas, some absolutely false and false about what people have to do to get healthy. And, with no one to filter truth from myth, people are struggling to achieve their goals into reality.

Health IQ is an application that expects to close the gap between information and action. The application and the relevant website contains thousands of questions on hundreds of different health issues, information that people need to get really healthy. By keeping informed, more and more men and women will be able to go out and achieve their health goals.

What is health IQ?

Health IQ is a website and an application that aims to inform as many people as possible about health. The form of the Health IQ does this is by focusing on holding well informed. Instead of nitpicking those who are not dedicated to their health, Health IQ creates a place where those who want to learn more can get privileges and rewards they deserve.

The way the Health IQ works is providing several tests and questions on about 300 topics. From these questionnaires it offers users a fun, judgment-free zone in which they can learn about the true facts of health. Instead of having to guess if what they are learning is true or not, members of the Health IQ know all the facts presented to them is quite true. And then you can use the information they have discovered and the facts they have learned to improve their own health journey.

The Material Health IQ

The information provided in IQ Health is divided into specific topics. For example, those who want to know more about the paleo diets or run marathons can answer questions in those categories. Or, for those who like to know the information at random, there are also issues of the day, which provide new information and varied every day.

What differentiates the Health IQ apart from many other informative websites and applications is that it provides information that has been endorsed by health professionals. Not only are there several doctors involved with IQ Health, there are also nutritionists, surgeons and health experts, including dental. People involved in Health IQ include athletes, Olympians, coaches, dieticians and yoga instructors. To provide as much information, Health IQ has ensured be exploited for all areas of health and experience of professionals in these areas is used.

In addition to being supported by an incredible basis of health professionals, health IQ is also very particular about the answers given. While many health questionnaires give the answer and a brief statement explaining the reasoning behind the answer, Health IQ delves much deeper. The answers to most questions Health IQ provide links to articles, magazines and scientific studies that support the information, but also provide more reading material for those interested.

The health benefit of IQ

While the Health IQ might seem like a fun and informative game to most users, it is becoming much more than they expect. In the United States, only about 21% of adults have the skills to successfully charge of your health. This extreme lack of information is worrisome, especially since research has found that knowledge about health is closely linked to a healthy lifestyle.

Since knowledge of health and health are so tied together, the number one health benefits IQ is that it provides users with the information they need feasible to start making their way to a life healthier. Knowledge is the first step to do, so when people learn about different aspects of health, they are more likely to implement in your own life. The truth is that most people struggling with their health want to change their lives, they need only to information and unity. Health IQ can provide a part of that equation.

Knowledge not only increase the likelihood that a person seeking better health habits to their lives, but also reduces the number of these people are hospitalized. One study found that those who have more knowledge in the area of ​​health are 50% less likely to end up hospitalized. This shows that people are not simply changing their lives, they really are achieving their goals and becoming healthier.

Health IQ Tests

What makes the Health IQ so much fun is that it provides a variety of tests on different topics, so there really is something for everyone. And because the tests are so easy to take, it is very easy for users to expand their own knowledge base and learn about issues they may have had no interest in before.

Some of the tests that are currently offered in Health IQ are:

  • Director General of Health
  • -Vegan
  • -Triathlon
  • -Cycling
  • -Marathon
  • -Yoga
  • -Vegetarian
  • -Weightlifting
  • The intensity interval training -High

there are also a variety of tests available on more specific topics, such as cabbage and quinoa or benefits of yoga. Users will have access to all these tests and will be taken that could interest them most. Or, simply can explore and take a variety of random testing

Using IQ Health

Health IQ is free. Users can register with an email address or your Facebook page if they want to compete and maintain control over the progress of his friends. To start, users will be asked a series of questions about your personal health, used to orient them towards questionnaires in the beginning they could find more interesting.

Once users have registered in IQ Health, will be given a preliminary test. This will test your current knowledge level and help them start building points. The points system in Health IQ allows users to earn points for each question to answer right. When they have reached a certain level of points, they will win a badge of Elite. These plates can be traded for rewards in Health IQ. These rewards range from portfolios cell phone to American Ninja Warrior tickets.

There is also an area of ​​suggestions and discussion available for those who have joined the Health IQ. Again, it costs nothing. However, to join the Facebook group Health IQ, a number of elite runners needed. Fortunately, with fun and informative contests provided in IQ Health, these plates are very easy to win.

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