#HealthBytes: Home remedies to cure common skin problems in the summer

Summer has reached the top!

Among other problems, the dry and warm season is a virtual invitation to a series of skin health problems such as acne, oily skin, sunburn, etc.

However, with a healthy diet and lifestyle, you can keep the risk of these problems at bay.

Here are some common skin problems during the summer and easy home remedies to cure them.

Acne breakouts

Acne breakouts

During the summers, we usually sweat a lot.

And when sweat is mixed with bacteria and oils on the skin, it can clog the pores, which causes acne.

To deal with this, wash your face from time to time, to remove oil from the skin.

Also, avoid using sweaty handkerchiefs and towels repeatedly.

You can also try a natural mask to keep your skin healthy.

Oily skin and sunburn.

Oily skin: Harmful UV rays and unbearable heat can oil the skin. This could lead to pimples. To get rid of oily skin, you can apply natural remedies such as cold milk, egg whites and aloe vera.

Sun tanning: Sunburn is a common skin problem in the summers. To deal with this, natural home remedies such as cold milk, curd and cucumbers can help.

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Body odor and fungal infections

Body odor and fungal infections

Body odor: Due to excessive sweating, many people suffer from body odor during the summer. To cure this, drink plenty of water, take baths often and use talcum powder.

Fungal infections: The heat can also induce fungal infections in the skin. To avoid the risk of such infections, get rid of sweaty clothes and use dust that absorbs sweat. Also, take a bath from time to time.

Other useful tips

Here are some more useful tips to stay healthy this summer season:

1] Eat a healthy and balanced diet, including foods full of water content such as cucumbers, berries and tomatoes. Reduce alcohol consumption

2] Drink plenty of water and moisturizing drinks such as coconut water, lemon juice, etc.

3] Apply sunscreen every time you go out.

4] Always wear protective goggles like sunglasses when you leave.

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