Healthy Finger Licking Good KFC Edible Nail Polish?

Hong Kong KFC has just released a nail polish edible putting the delicious taste of Kentucky Fried Chicken at your fingertips. Here’s our view of this crazy new nail polish.

What is KFC finger lickin nail polish?

The finger licking good nail polish comes in two flavors KFC firm, including the original and hot and spicy recipe.

The original recipe is light brown with brown flashes while hot and spicy is a fire truck with flashes of deep garnet red color.

Both glazes are completely edible. You can apply nail polish to the fingernails and then lick your fingers to get the salty taste in the mouth Kentucky Fried anytime you want.

Perhaps the most surprising part of good alignment finger lickin is that Adweek claims that are infused with natural ingredients – including the same natural ingredients that find at any KFC restaurant. Polishes, according to all customer feedback so far, legitimately taste like Kentucky Fried Chicken.

In a statement, KFC Hong Kong provide some useful instructions:

“To use it, simply apply to consumers and dry like nail regular nails, and then lick it and again and again. ”

What’s in it?

The edible nail polish, such as self KFC recipe spice company, is a secret. KFC Hong Kong made the following statements:

“Our recipe for nail edible nail is unique and was specifically designed to keep the taste, but also dry with a shiny coat similar to nail polish normal.”

know that nail polish contains real food ingredients, as each bottle has an expiration date only five days after it is bottled. seasoning ingredients listed include original recipe, vegetable gum, edible color, vegetable oil and maltodextrin.

The short expiration date means that the nail polish should be eaten within five minutes of opening it. And unlike regular nail enamel, you can not reuse after the bottle has been opened.


Why is KFC, largest fried chicken restaurant in the world, pulling a stunt like this?

The brand is trying to build hype in Hong Kong. In recent weeks, KFC has been measuring the response on social networks. The nail polishes are currently manufactured in a small batch and come in designer bottles. They are not being mass produced or sold at this time.

As part of the marketing campaign KFC, have released this video asking people of Hong Kong to help them choose what flavor to send in mass production:

KFC has always enjoyed a solid customer base in mainland China. They were the first major American fast food restaurant to expand in China and have enjoyed tremendous growth throughout the country. The company is seeking a similar response, as it expands in the former British colony of Hong Kong.

How does it work?

Most comments describe nail polish as “sticky” saying that not just stick like nail polish on the nails normal. The enamel dries quickly and you will need to apply several layers before sticking.

The flavor is strong. Some people describe the taste as “like chicken”, while others say they know less like chicken and more like a mixture of spices.

How to buy edible Nail polish

So far, KFC has produced 300 to 500 limited edition bottles of nail polish edible. They are currently conducting a survey of Facebook to see what flavor should be commercially released one day.

However, there are no official plans to release the nail polish out of Hong Kong. But if the reaction to this nail polish is edible positive enough, then it may KFC has no choice but to launch worldwide.

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