Home remedies to alleviate the problem of constipation in your baby

Constipation is a common problem among adults, but it could be more annoying when your baby has it. A day without intestinal movement can be uncomfortable and uncomfortable. If your baby refuses to eat or has a tight belly, it could be a sign of constipation. Also, if you notice a spill of blood in your baby's stool, your child may have a hard time defecating. Babies usually struggle during bowel movements due to weak abdominal muscles. It is not a good idea to rely on strong medications when you might consider simple changes in your diet. The cure for constipation may be close to your kitchen. Try these simple home remedies to relieve your baby.
High fiber diet
If your baby is eating solid foods, you should pay close attention to the fiber content of the meals. Whole grains, high-fiber cereals and brown rice could help calm bowel movement. It is recommended to serve your baby with fruits such as pears, plums, peaches and apples without skin for a better and faster recovery.

A small amount of extra fluid may actually help with constipation in your baby. The fluid enters the small intestine and helps break up the stool to facilitate movement. The consumption of apple and plum juice could also serve as a magic to cure constipation.

Sweet potatoes
Sweet potatoes contain essential vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin A and B, as well as carbohydrates that help in the growth of babies. You can make sweet potato puree in a bowl and serve one or two spoonfuls to your baby depending on your child's intake.

Pears and plums

It is a good idea to mix some pears with plums and cloves to make a purée that is excellent for constipation. This would make a wonder in the bowel movement and it also tastes good.


Whether small or adult, yogurt works effectively in constipation. You can mix the pumpkin and prune with the yogurt and give it to your baby. This mixture not only cures constipation but also helps in problems related to digestion.

Roasted fennel

Fennel seeds could alleviate bowel movement quickly. Try boiling a few fennel seeds in a cup of water. One or two tablespoons a day for the baby may help initiate digestion and help constipation.

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