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espinillasse be prevented with natural ingredients and medical intervention oportuna.Aprender to follow a regular regimen of care skin to keep your skin pimple free.

unsimple welt is more than enough to ruin the happiness of any especialocasión damage. The most annoying thing is to see a blow to the nose mañanacuando have to go to a party at night. Such incidents break the corazónpuede avoided by following some tips for skin care important. All you need sonalgunos of natural ingredients and a lot of attention. Hides the largest and an important organ. While others may órganoscomo protect the eyes, heart, lungs, ears, etc. ignoring skin care can mean that invite espinillasy other harmful infections. Since pollution it is increasing day by day, pielproblemas you are also increasing. This makes skin care a necessity for prevenciónespinillas. Here are some simple tips to prevent pimples and ways to skin a saludablela life. paraespinillas Tips prevent

Todosusted have to do is lift the material regime suitable for skin care. without embargotentador it may seem prevent the outbreak or squeezing a pimple. Here is a list of cosasque can include in your daily routine. It will definitely help mantenerselejos other skin problems as well. Remember, stay away from esmejor healing of pimples them.

  • Pound and mint leaves place all over the face for 10-15 minutes. Remove all the leaves and wash your face with cold water. Do not rub the leaves on the skin as it can cause skin irritation if you already have pimples.
  • -Multani Mitti Use (India Fullers earth) as a mask if you have very oily skin. Add rosewater to fuller’s earth. This mask will help absorb oil and prevent pimples. No more using this mask. It can be used once a week. Avoid using this mask if your skin is very dry and sensitive.
  • Boils neem leaves in water. Add a little pure water to take bath to this concentrated mixture. It is an ayurvedic remedy to stay away from most skin problems.
  • Statement of ice on the swollen grain. If you’ve popped a pimple, do not forget to press ice and splash some astringent.
  • Consult an expert on the skin before using any product on your skin. If possible always use ayurvedic and herbal products. They have no side effects.
  • Wash your face with cold water at least two or three times a day and every time you return to the outside.
  • rub a pinch of turmeric powder while the face at least once or twice a week washing.
  • Apply a mixture of tomato juice and honey. Leave on for 10-15 minutes and then wash your face. This will help prevent pimples and also clear marks of previous grain. Do not use this mixture for sensitive skin.
  • Prepare a mixture of honey and apple pulp. Apply this mixture on the face and let stand for 15-20 minutes and rinse with warm water. It’s good to get rid of pimples.
  • Apply the mixture of honey and lemon juice drops to have a bright and clear skin.

If your skin is sensitive and allergic to consult an expert before applying any product or natural ingredient, even on your face.

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