Instead of Solving Rapes and Murders, Cops Spent Months Undercover in Burger King for $75 Pot Bust

to protect the city of Thurmont, Maryland from the horrors of marijuana a brave police officer entered the deep cover in one of the most dangerous places on the planet – a Burger King.

After a covert operation months, and thousands of taxpayer dollars, Officer Nicole Fair saved the city from the likes of whole marijuana 5 grams and two tablets whole.

Unimpressed? Angry?

Instead of investigating the actual crimes such as rape, robbery and murder, the police department Thurmont squandered huge amounts of resources to try to kidnap, cage, and, if necessary, kill people who are buying and selling a voluntarily plant that makes them happy.

The two employees of Burger King who had entrepreneurship as a complement to their jobs minimum wage by selling a highly beneficial plant and almost miraculous, 23 years old, Tommy Lee Miller and 28 years old Jonathan Brook Moser, now face jail time.

Fair said of his role in the arrests.

I was hired to help protect the community and Thurmont, and that was what he was doing. You hear about all the drug problems we are having here and elsewhere and, if it is marijuana or something else, we are really feeling the effects of it. To be able to do something to directly address that, especially being a new official, it was very rewarding.

Who exactly is being protected Fair think in this situation? Who in your community is served by this blatant attempt by the department to enrich themselves through the perpetuation of war to the death, corrupt and immoral against drugs?

is certainly not the two gentlemen who had their lives ruined and freedom adopted; not to mention all future employment opportunities stolen from them by the police state. No, the only people who serve in this scenario are the same cops that the drug war is a form of legal robbery that allows police to pillage and plunder of the population under the ostensible premise of protecting society.

Naturally, people of Thurmont are angry and have led to the comment section at the Frederick News Post to express their discontent:

This is a shame, and the police department should be ashamed. Stories like this are precisely why people hate cops. Congratulations on ruining the lives of two children by a small amount of a drug that is completely harmless, and really legal and help sustain the economy in some states. the solid police work here people.

Another commenter noted how the paper went so far as to praise this operation as if it were a decades-old murder that was solved:

You’re kidding. That’s $ 100 worth around probably minor things and write a new article on the subject like his bust most of the year. Why not write the article and police spending probably 10 times the amount of money, then things cost. This was useless and a waste of time only to be legal and then maybe you can actually maintain capture of heroin and large distributors pills that actually cause deaths.

Unfortunately, the newspaper, city officials, and police have no idea that they are the laughingstock of the nation – and plan to continue blowing through taxpayer money in their blatant war on drugs

Police Chief Greg Eyler said

it is a first here in town, and we will not stop. If we get information, we will put people in undercover operations and these dealers will not know who they’re selling to. That’s something that will not stop until we move these distributors outside the city.

Guess what Eyler, moving these dealers outside the city, more will fill your points. The war on drugs does nothing to eliminate the demand -. As those who benefit from it most, such as the police and the government, you know

Now comes the really sad part:

If you were killed today, there is only a probability of 60% of the police catch the person who did it. That number is reduced to 3% if you have been raped. 50 years ago, that number was much higher.

What happened?

The answer to this question can be found by searching where police allocate most of their time and resources -. As go undercover at a Burger King for two months to get a couple of guys who were selling a plant

Forfeiture pay. Busting drug traffickers low level by the dozen and confiscation of drugs, weapons, cars, houses, and money paid. Write tickets victimless crime pays. Pulling more than window tint, seat belts, arbitrary displacement speeds, and expired plates; these are the things that are paid not solve crimes.

In criminal justice, clearance rates are used as a measure of crimes solved by the police. The clearance rate is calculated by dividing the number of crimes that are “cleaned” (he got a load) by the total number of recorded crimes.

In the United States, the murder clearance rate in 1965 was over 90 percent. Since the beginning of the war on drugs, the elimination rate of murder has to decrease to an average of less than 65 percent a year.

This decrease is despite that there are many fewer deaths. It is also, despite the new technological advances to help the police solve crimes, like DNA testing, advanced forensic laboratories and unethical spying devices like line.

Despite the almost complete erosion of constitutional protections against illegal search and seizure, the murder clearance rate continued its freefall. This highlights the fact that no matter how many rights are given up or reduced freedoms, the police can not guarantee their safety.

While police do not investigate the killings, the speed at which you are ignoring rape is nothing less than criminal.

According to the Department of Justice, there are currently over 400,000 untested rape kits collecting dust in the testing rooms of the national police, and many other estimates suggest that the number could be as high as one million.

As a result of this horrible negligence, roughly 3% of cases of rape in the United States are actually solved. This is despite the fact that many rape kits have a high probability of leading to an arrest and that most rapists are professional criminals who have their DNA on file.

In some cases, victims do not even know who their attackers, but can not prosecute these criminals because the evidence has yet to be processed by the police.

rapists and murderers Arresting simply falls short in both areas are concerned about the police -. Revenue collection and keep their bloated budgets war on drugs flowing

Until the drug war is brought to an end, we can expect to see the crime and expand the rights of innocent people violated.

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