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Lung Institute is a medical research institution that is working on the integration of stem cells for regenerative medicine . Here is our review of all you need to know about Lung Institute.

What is the Lung Institute?

Lung Institute is a research institution that aims to use stem cells to help solve the problems of chronic diseases such as:

-Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD )
-Pulmonary fibrosis
bronchitis -Chronic
-Interstitial pulmonary disease

the institute currently offers a wide range of treatments for sufferers of the above diseases. There (venous) blood treatments available and bone marrow treatments.

How the Lung Institute stem cells Treatment Work?

Stem cells are the basic building blocks of life and are essential for each organism. They are cells that self-renewal and replication and have the ability to form any type of tissue in the body.

Adult stem cells of an organ can create tissue used by another organ. This is called plasticity.

Lung Institute specifically used stem cells to treat lung diseases. For this, the Lung Institute uses autologous stem cells, which are stem cells that come from the patient’s own body.

In order to undergo a stem cell treatment of Lung Institute will first have to undergo a (venous) treatment of blood or bone marrow treatment, during which are extracted from his body stem cells.

This is what the treatment process three steps looks like:

Step 1) A small blood or bone marrow sample is taken from the patient to harvest stem


Step 2) stem cells are separated from other cells in the sample

Step 3) the concentrated stem cells are returned to the patient’s bloodstream, when they begin to promote healing

the natural stem cells are directed to the lungs, as they fall into something called “lung trap” which is where stem cells are “trapped naturally through the lungs where they begin to regenerate damaged lung tissue. ”

When the body receives medication, blood or stem cells intravenously, which travels directly to the right side of his heart. Then, within one or two beats of the heart, the heart has been distributed to the lungs.

When researchers find stem cells travel through the right heart step, realize that stem cells become “trapped” in the lungs. That’s bad if you are using stem cells to treat other conditions, but it is not a bad thing if you’re treating a lung condition.

Starting Lung Institute Treatment Stem Cell

The first step to start your mother cell treatment through the Lung Institute is to sign up for a free online consultation . By filling out the form, you can see if you qualify for stem cell therapy.

can also call the company at 800 729-3065 to schedule a free consultation through patient coordinators.

Or, attend one of the upcoming events and seminars of the company. The company launches numerous events throughout the year. In the coming months, which is holding seminars in Tampa, Phoenix, Dallas, and Nashville, where attendees can learn more about how the therapy of lung stem cells works Institute.

Currently, therapy of lung stem Institute cells is only available in five states of the United States, where they can undergo treatment in one of the following five locations:

-tampa, Florida
-Nashville, Tennessee
-Scottsdale, Arizona
-Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
-Dallas, Texas

medical treatment is available to anyone who qualifies, and the company seems to have many patients traveling to the city specifically for treatment.

Regardless of whether you qualify for treatment depends on a few things, including what condition it is currently in, how long you have been diagnosed with the condition, treatments that has already been (if there), and date of birth.

Do not leave cell treatments work?

Lung Institute published no scientific evidence of its effectiveness. However, the company dozens of customer testimonials of people who have gone through the procedure are listed.

The company recently celebrated its 1000th patient treatment with stem cells. You can view customer testimonials here .

Testimonies are separated into sections depending on their condition: as asthma, bronchiectasis, COPD, interstitial lung disease, emphysema and pulmonary fibrosis. Although the procedure does not work in all patients, a large number of people who seem to have been able to treat your lung condition by using the procedures offered by the Institute of lung.

Before undergoing a procedure through the Lung Institute, will receive contact information of previous patients who have undergone treatment.

The comments appear in line to indicate a positive response to the general therapy Lung Institute mother cells.

How much does the treatment Lung Institute?

Lung Institute does not count the total cost of your treatment online. However, the list makes treatment is not normally covered by insurance because the insurance only covers the “conventional treatment” and does not cover alternative treatments such as stem cell therapy.

The company also lists a number of fundraising ideas you can use to cover the costs of treatment -. Including crowd sourcing sites, charity concerts, garage sales, and social media pages donation

For a finite price, will have to contact a representative Lung Institute. However, there are more than 100 stem cell clinics across the United States today, most of which charge about $ 10,000 per treatment. Some reports claim derived from clinical cells have a margin of very high profit, with procedures only cost about $ 1000 to $ 2000 for, so we’ve seen some clinics to reduce prices to $ 7,000 or $ 8,000 per treatment.

You may have to undergo multiple stem cell therapies for the procedure to work. Read this article local news to find out how a coach raised $ 70,000 for their own stem cell therapy, for example. Meanwhile clinics, based in Mexico that offer treatment with stem cells Stemedica stem cell therapies advertised at a total cost of $ 32,000 to $ 40,000 per treatment.

Should be referred to the Cell Therapy Stem Lung Institute?

Ultimately, the Lung Institute is one of many stem cell clinics across America offer stem cell therapy. However, it is one of the few who specializes in treating pulmonary diseases (lung).

The scientific verdict on stem cell therapies is still out. We do not know for sure whether or not they work, and Lung Institute does not publish much science as to the effectiveness of their own treatments. However, if you are a believer in stem cell therapies and is currently suffering from a lung disease, then therapies with stem cells Lung Institute may be the right choice for you.

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