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Natural Marley is the mark of cannabis Bob Marley official, which focuses on the integration of the goodness of nature through positive potential of using herbs.

The objective natural Marley is to promote personal transformation through the connection and positivity. Natural Marley is a product line of lifestyle, flower, accessories and a line of body care, full of energy so ably represents the spirit of Jamaica.

Marley Natural Products

The Natural Marley website sells a variety of products, but can be divided into two distinct categories: Body care and accessories. Everything sold in Natural Marley is of the highest quality, but also created to be very in tune with nature, in honor of Bob Marley.

It should be noted that although the products sold by Marley Natural oil containing cannabis, which do not cause physical reactions. These products will not give users a high physics.

Marley Natural Body Care

The Natural Marley body care line focuses on using formulas derived as natural as possible. All products containing oil of Cannabis sativa, or hemp seed oil, which is considered one of the most natural most effective moisturizing on earth. This oil is mixed with botanicals Jamaica, like ginger, lemongrass, and cerasse, which have been selected for their healing properties and come from the island.

Marley Natural cold pressed only his hemp seed oil, which keeps the oil full of nutrients that makes it so effective. The body care products featuring Marley Natural fatty not benefit the skin in many ways. These products are also paraben, sulfate-free and cruelty.

What makes Marley Natural Body Care unique?

As mentioned above, the main ingredient in natural body care products Marley is cannabis sativa oil or hemp seed oil, which is known for its moisturizing properties. However, there are several other reasons Marley care products natural body are unique and beneficial to users.

hemp seed oil is an oil containing essential fatty acids about 80%, one of the highest levels of fatty acids in any plant. By combining fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6 in this oil, the products are able to give the body and skin you need to work in harmony. Not only the complete seed oil fatty acids hemp, also contains high levels of vitamin E, sterols and terpenes.

As mentioned above, the oil used in natural products for body care Marley is cold pressed. This process involves the extraction of hemp seed oils to Temperatures- low, which helps keep the nutrients and vitamins in the oil. By using this method, Marley Natural is able to avoid the use of chemical solvents that could result in the loss of these important nutrients.

body care products

– Hemp Seed Lip Balm ($ 8)
– Hemp Seed Body Lotion ($ 25)
– Hemp Seed Body Wash ( $ 25)
– Soap hemp seed ($ 15)
– essential oil Blend ($ 26)
– Body hemp seed Salve ($ 22)

Marley Accessories Natural

While Natural Marley is known for its amazing care products body, its unique line of accessories cannabis adds to the reputation of growing businesses. These accessories are designed to add a more sensory approach to cannabis smoking process.

The accessories line Natural Marley was designed with subtle accents of Jamaica, making use of American black walnut wood sustainably cultivated to add a sense of durability and elegance. The nut is accentuated by the hand blown glass that fits comfortably in your hands.

natural Marley Accessories are not only convenient, but also beautiful enough that can be left on the screen. Precious and colors of these pieces really show lines nature at its best.

Products purchased through Natural Marley only be used for smoking herbal legally acquired, and should not be used for snuff products.

Marley Natural accessory products

– Taster ($ 35)
– Spoon piping ($ 68)
– Steamroller ($ 72)
– wimp ( $ 162)
– Small Holder ($ 30)
– Case ($ 52)
– small tray ($ 65)
– large tray ($ 78)
– Magazine Natural Marley ($ 18)

Contact Natural Marley

Marley Natural can be reached by email at [email protected] or by phone at 1-888-377-2253.

The mailing address of Natural Marley is:

Natural Marley
Little Bay, Inc.
149 Bowery
New York, NY 10002

Please make responsible use

While Marley Natural promotes the feeling of wellbeing, harmony, and positive change, he realizes that there are people who abuse potential of grass. Despite the belief that cannabis flower is a gift of nature, Marley Natural emphasizes that its products should be used only for medical reasons. In addition to this, the product should be used only in jurisdictions is legal. Marley natural products are for those who are over 21 years and should be kept out of reach of children and animals. Finally, the use of cannabis can affect the ability to drive or operate machinery, so users should be careful when using these products.

Each strain of cannabis is a little different. This allows users to get a unique experience when different strains are used. However, because of this, it is important that users are aware of their bodies and the needs of their bodies. Those who try different strains should be cautious and take time to discover how these new strains complement their bodies.

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