Marvelous Japanese Women: 5 Secrets Of Women Who Never Put On Weight And Live Longer!



Japanese writer Naomi Moriyama is the author of the book “Japanese women do not leave Old or Fat” ( “Japanese women not old and not gain weight ‘), which are the secrets of longevity and revealed eternal youth ‘miraculous’ Japanese woman. women in Japan eat very healthy foods, and Japanese culture dictates serving small portions.

“Residents of Japan in last 25 years have the world record as a woman with the longest life expectancy, and can live up to 84 and a half years. In addition, almost never gain weight”

Their diet is mainly consists of fish, seaweed, fruits, soybeans, rice, vegetables and green tea. Besides being healthy, all these foods have an anti-aging effect of causing Japanese women always look youthful.


Naomi Moriyama in his book Discover 5 secrets of Japanese women who do not gain weight and live longer than others:

  1. Women in Japan almost always eat home-cooked meals, mainly consisting of grilled fish, rice dishes, cooked vegetables, soup, green tea and fruits. Japanese women consume up to 10 percent of total fish consumption in the world, and represent only two percent of the world population.
  2. The food is undercooked or grill instead of bread and Japanese women eat rice. typical Japanese breakfast makes it a piece of fish, rice, tofu, seaweed soup, spring garlic, omelette and green tea, all in small portions. They eat rice at every meal, and that’s the biggest difference between the way of life in the east and west.
  3. sweet desserts are rare in Japanese cooking, and when they eat is always the case of small amounts. It is not that Japanese women do not like chocolate and cakes -. Simply aware of the harmful side effects and effects on health sweet
  4. Parents teach their children to eat slowly and appreciate every bite. Therefore, the Japanese never would fill the container to the top and do not serve large portions, and each type of food is served separately.
  5. The exercise is part of the daily routine in Japan, and in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, the Japanese have built a culture in cycling, walking and walking a lot, “says Naomi Moriyama in his book.

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