Mixed Emotions – Orange Culture S/S 17 Menswear Collection

Being a big fan of the orange brand Culture, which really is a good place as I write this review Es recently released S / S 17 Collection. Bear with me as I vent the emotions that flooded me as I look at this lookbook. Before this collection was released, the brand took his Instagram page mock us and waited.

When the wait was over, the excitement died as quickly as it came. The mixture of emotions came as a side up and what I like to call the other side.

Up Sides

There are a lot of sides bright to this collection as photography, prints fabrics, and collaboration with other designers -., Which makes stresses the need for creative sticking together to grow

the other side

on the other hand, I remain wondering why the models, unlike the tissues, and are sad, for lack of a better word, unhealthy. The atmosphere in this shoot emit a buyer would not move to pick up the pieces. I know the joke called “School rejects”, but at least refuses to bask in its decision not fit into social norms.


The style of this collection makes me wonder if the average man would be able to achieve these outfits look stylish as in the book. I think as individual pieces, which sell faster than Etched Journey T sale. There seems to be a lot of effort put into the aesthetics of the look book, and somehow the beauty of the pieces were lost in the grandeur.

I’m not a fashion designer (the best I’ve done, is to have someone sketch a design that is then given to a tailor), but I know the finish of each piece is very important and once you do not have that, lose the very essence of creating a minimalist piece. Unfortunately, not all the pieces of this collection can boast good finish.

The vitality and traces of this collection warms my heart, and accessories are to die for. The truth (my truth) is that this would have been a great look book if the details on the little things attention was given. If the models were elegant in performing the aesthetics of clothing rather than signs of the undead, they could have sold a little more. The style was too much extra and had so much beauty away from the parts themselves.


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Image source: Bella Naija

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