Mom Loses Over 150 Pounds By Stopping Herself From Doing Something All Moms Do

While raising their children, many mothers struggle to keep fit. Therefore, they not put in the first place. This mother of three children, Casey Gemmell was able to lose over 150 pounds. She is a young mother who has been steadily putting on weight after giving birth to her first child. She was not aware of how much weight they had set. Once the size of 28 is reached was embarrassed by that. Although she was aware of this, he thought it was not so bad.

After the first birthday party of her son, Casey changed his mind about his body situation. She is a big fan of cosplay and dress for the planned superhero theme for the birthday party. She was very excited, but their enthusiasm fallen since it was not able to fit into the 5XL suit, so he had to improvise her outfit. However, she was not happy with the way it turned out the suit. When I saw the pictures I could not believe what he saw. She looked nothing like Batgirl, and became more like fatgirl. For this reason, she did not publish any picture of herself in costume. He realized he had to make some major changes in his life occurred. Give unhealthy foods to children was very common at home. They eat whatever they want and often ‘treated’ family with takeaways, continuing over the years. The big change I had to do was stop ‘sneaking food’. He pretended he threw away the remains of children from her husband Julian, but she always ate. Often he would go to KFC for dinner, but often buy a chicken burger and eat in the car on the way home. She knew she would have to stop eating the leftover food in order to lose weight and achieve your goal. On the other hand, also he had to stop eating junk food and healthy food switch. She also downloaded one running application on which she was skeptical at first, but then began to help reach the goal. Slowly, he improved and that was enough to keep her motivated. She reached a goal, but then pushed to set another goal, making time for herself. As it became thinner, it is in the suit that was bursting out of it became a goal of his own, so he devoted himself to his goal and ran every day, eat only salads and lean meats for dinner. Junk food was dead to her.

When he arrived at the photos Batgirl costume that was too big for her and had to wear a belt to fit. Since then, she has been posing for pin-launches and use more cosplay costumes.

He took his hard work and deduction, but she managed to make a great transformation. There is a Facebook page called ‘Beautiful U’ and your weight loss journey is documented there.


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