National Health System

One of a fairly fundamental subsystem of the National Health System (SKN) is a health financing. The absence or no funding in the administration of optimal health efforts and other programs, is one of the main causes of not achieving the development goals of health we want. Why not, almost all development activities can not be denied, it requires funding and costs. Some important in financing health factors to be considered include:

* The amount of budget for health development provided by the government and private sector donations.

* Level of effectiveness and efficiency of use (functionalization) of the existing budget.

Therefore, the reform of health policy in a country should provide an important focus for the policy of health financing to ensure the adequacy, equity, efficiency and effectiveness. planning and financing arrangements appropriate health will help the government of a country to be able to mobilize sources of funding, rationally allocate and use efficiently and effectively. policy health financing that gives priority to equality and pro-poor conducive to the attainment of universal access. In a broader aspect it is believed that funding in this area has contributed to social and economic development.

Health Service itself in recent years, very expensive, both in developed and in developing countries. Overuse of health services with high technology is one of the main causes. Another cause is the prevalence of health financing mechanisms with cash and weak capacity in the management of resources and services itself. WHO provides the focus of the strategy of health financing that includes key issues, challenges, the main objective of policies and action programs generally are in the following areas:

* Increased investment and public spending on health,

* Fix the achievement of universal participation and strengthening poor permeliharaan health

* systems praupaya financing development including social insurance, excavation

* national and international support, strengthening regulatory frameworks and functional interventions

* policy development based on scientific facts and data,

* Monitoring and evaluation.

Application of the funding strategies of health in a country addresses some basic things to know things; sustainable funding of priority health programs, a reduction in individuals cash funding, eliminate cost barriers to access health services, equity in access to services, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of resource allocation and quality of appropriate and acceptable services for service users.

2005-2009 Strategic Plan of the Ministry of Health stated that improving health financing is one of the four main strategies health department, in addition to mobilizing and empowering people to live healthier, improve public access to quality health services and improving systems of surveillance, monitoring and health information.

The purpose of the main strategies to improve health financing is;

* The development of health gain proper budgeting by the central and local government,

* health budget of the government of choice for prevention and health promotion and

* Establishment of a system of guarantee of funding in this sector, especially for the poor.

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