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again Welcome to Natural Salud Publica

First, I wanted you to know that here I am sharing some of the upcoming and impressive natural remedies. In addition we will be talking about things like DIY natural life. But first, I wanted to explain my prolonged absence from NHP.

Life throws curve balls - Sometimes their fire balls

life throws curveballs – sometimes his fireballs

Because life and those wonderful (yes sarcasm here) challenges we face, I had to take a little hiatus. Consequently, I had to learn many lessons too.

I’m sure you know how it is. Moreover, the family is my first priority as I am sure it is yours. Instead of quitting completely, I had to take a break and take care of everything on the home front.

Because some of the major challenges to the processes of my child disease and other things, I just had to take some time off.

Because I’m sure you know what it feels like curve balls shooting life instead of puff balls, I appreciate your understanding. If you’ve been there and done that, please give Natural Salud Publica action and as Facebook, to celebrate the “welcome back the PHN” Perhaps you can even leave a comment below

Although I felt like everything was trying to hold back a bit, I’m back in full swing now. So thanks for having patience with me!

a new opportunity of life begins

In addition to focusing on my way natural health, or rather, as a result of this trip, I found a new focus in life. Consequently, it is time to get busy sharing with you.

Because new practices in food, body care, home care and health practices, there may be a renewed energy, skin and general welfare. Not that a gift worth investigating? With all my heart and soul, I believe it is.

Below you will see some of the other great things coming up soon. It also meant, of course, I hope you love everything and go back to talking and sharing !

Discovering natural health and a lot of natural remedies

Probably at some point in your life, you have discovered this world is full of surprise. You’re right! Because we live in a wonderful world of natural wonders, is the time to participate in what is right for us here. Also, just to make sure we’re all using the same definitions, in this context, we, meaning you, me, our families and our friends.

As a result of my studies and experiments, I’m so excited going crazy to get going, I’m bursting, but I’m humbled at the same time. Nature is a potent healing in many ways.

Since there are literally thousands of classes nature has to teach us, it will probably take some time to cover them all, but we’ll have a lot of fun along the way!

just a small sample of Natural Resources

First, I wanted to let you know that herbs and oils is one of the topics we’ll talk soon. Because I found some interesting trends and useful information in this area, which is one of the issues in our near future. Just for your information! These can help create natural remedies for almost anything. natural wonders are everywhere around. Probably even in your own backyard.

In short, we will investigate anti-inflammatory natural remedies, too. Because inflammation is so detrimental to all of us, it is a worthy opponent! That shit wounds and there is really no better way to say it!

Some other things on the near horizon are the mistakes and mishaps that can find quite amusing. Because the best way to learn is by doing, right? Guess what? We will all learn by doing together. You will see and hear about success and failure. Therefore, learning to do my own stuff at home … uh disk fun, it can be somewhat entertaining at times.

Can not wait to share all this because you will probably find the photos hilarious !

No, he did not attack anything, but let’s just say some of it is not too pretty.

natural remedy Elections

On the way we will also talk about what has been working well. Since, back to health through gifts of nature is an awesome experience, everyone deserves a chance. Sharing it all with that will, therefore, make learning even better!

It is important to note that there are many options and routes for natural health. These are just some of the things we will be talking about the NHP. While we will cover many forms of natural health, it will take some time. That’s wonderful, because even though part of the joy is in the experience.

Natural remedies or traditional medicine?

So far I do not get on a soapbox or anything (where that phrase comes from anyway?), But there is one thing I’ve learned about traditional or allopathic medicine, as it is called to sometimes, they are not designed to heal. I will not say that never heals, but it certainly seems to do more than treat the symptoms of healing.

There are things like surgeries that are sometimes necessary. These really not correct problems as broken bones. Indeed, there are times when drugs are absolutely necessary . Nothing has a one size fits all solution, so do not stop taking your medication without consulting your doctor first.

In fact, if you are under the care of a doctor, you need to talk to them about any natural health approach you implement. Because it is best to get your doctor involved in your care natural health also, be sure to talk with them about all natural remedies that would like to try.

Each of us is an individual and therefore require individualized treatment. The key is the use of all kinds of treatments.

Another positive point is patching a problem is different to discover the root cause and eliminate it. If you can not delete natural health approaches can complement other therapies likely .

With a natural approach that strive to find the root cause of problems and apply the principles of nature. Instead of stabs in the dark surface treatments, our goal is to actually carry out the healing process. Or something will help or not. Sometimes you may need to stay on medications, but natural health have their place too.

natural remedies as we age

In some of our initial research, we have learned some of their top priorities. Therefore, we also discovered something quite fun. Many of his top priorities are the same that have begun to bother me in recent years.

Here are just some of main concerns told me were important. I want to know if you like the list so far.

Now, that’s just to name a few. Perhaps this gives you an idea of ​​where we come from and where we go. Because life is full of tumultuous times, it is time to get back to it using their own special gifts.

Whether young or older we have faced many challenges in life, right? Because of this, it seems particularly important to embrace an artistic change now. In addition to including, we will learn how to deal with them the best way!

Natural Remedies Can Help with aging?

I do not know about you but I’m tired of hearing “It’s just part of the aging process” or “yes, such things begin to happen around your age.” While some of this may be true, the more I learn, the more I understand. As much as some would like us to believe that yes, things do not have to be that way.

Do Eyes Have to Worsen with Age?

Click eyes have to worsen with age?

You not have to age the hard way. In addition, pain not should be accepted as part of normal aging process. Moreover, NO to accept lack of energy as “as is.” Finally, not they have to lose sight flexibility and memory just because we are aging a bit.

…. No longer. Perhaps, learn what to do and how to do is the key. Because we will do this together and fight, right? That’s right folks! We have to grow old, but we can do it with grace and healthy !

What are facing health problems? Or what great things are and it is doing

Please share so we can all learn from each other!

Older woman in yoga pose

Natural Health Post Personal Ad

Oh, yes, indeed, this is Darlene.

Although I am a health care professional, life has taught me that there are a lot of gray in the world. While everyone health for thousands of years has meant many things, we have also forgotten and lost track of many good practices.

care “modern” health is not so much about healing and curing. This is more than appeasement. In addition, diagnostics and drugs are often as patchwork. They hide or suppress symptoms without actually healing and solve the problem. Besides that, many times perhaps even drugs and diagnostics are given only so you can do something for us.

So ….

I will take the plunge and really, really become the expert that I need to be. With the support of all of you and my right arm (Sara), I started my program ND. If you do not know what a ND is, it is a Doctor of Naturopathy. I’m so excited that I almost I can not hold. Please share this excitement with me and share the ride too.

How can you help? Because you are a large group as a reader, any stimulus is appreciated! Above all, ask questions about it! As a result of their inquisitive minds, readers ask some of the best questions out there to make us really think. Because there is nothing better that readers are engaged in challenging the status quo and reach the heart of the problem, I welcome you!

Thank you, in advance, for your support!

Besides … you keep abreast of my new learning and research. We will conquer this journey together !!

Finally, please let me know any topic of particular interest that may have! I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Sharing the Road nature

Darlene (aka NHP) (also known as Natural Health Post)

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