Pure Muscle X – Nitric Oxide Booster To Gain Muscle?

pure muscle X is a nutritional supplement that is committed to using 100% natural ingredients to help your muscles grow faster. Here is our opinion pure muscle X.

what is pure muscle X?

pure muscle X is a nutritional supplement that works by increasing levels of nitric oxide in the body.

Nitric oxide is a vasodilator. It expands blood vessels, helping oxygen and nutrients to the muscles more easily travel. This can lead to better resistance, better lean muscle gains in the gym, and better sexual performance.

Oddly enough, packaging pure Muscle X refers to the formula as “100% nitrous oxcide” (yes, spelled incorrectly oxide). Nitrous oxide , also known as laughing gas, it is completely different from nitric oxide. When a manufacturer makes a mistake so obvious as that does not give us much confidence about the actual supplement.

We are not ready for a good start with pure muscle X. However, let’s take a look at how the supplement really works.

How pure muscle X Work?

pure muscle X claims Increase levels of NO inside your body using a mixture of amino acids, including glutamine, L-arginine and essential amino acids.

These amino acids, according to the manufacturer, “reorient food storage consumption of fat to muscle mass.” This can promote increased energy and muscle while improving endurance and performance.

Amino acids are a way to increase nitric oxide levels in the bloodstream. The use of ingredients such as glutamine and L-arginine can increase levels of nitric oxide, which makes it easier for blood vessels to dilate during physical activity and sex.

know very little about how it works X pure muscle. The manufacturer has provided virtually no evidence of the benefits of reinforcement, nor have any dosage information for amino acids.

All I really know is that Pure Muscle X contains some amount of L-arginine and glutamine. Beyond that, we know absolutely nothing about how it works.

Pure Muscle X Ingredients

Pure Muscle X does not seem to contain nothing more than the two active ingredients mentioned above.

Worse, we do not know the dose of any of these ingredients. Usually, the bodybuilding supplement manufacturers like to advertise dosage information, as it is the main way they compete with other supplements. Since pure muscle X shows no dosage information, it makes us believe that is not very powerful.

Usually, those taking L-arginine benefits bodybuilding according to the Mayo Clinic, will have a single dose of 6 grams of L-arginine before a workout.

pure muscle X is a relatively small capsule. Capsules of this size typically contain a dose of between 500 mg and 1000 mg. So you have to take 6 or 12 capsules of this supplement (assuming that contains pure L-arginine) to get anywhere near the recommended dose.

No dosage information, we have to assume Pure Muscle X is relatively weak. There is simply no evidence to suggest otherwise.

Pure Muscle X pricing

pure muscle X, like many bodybuilding supplements low quality on the market today, it works using a “ free trial ” fraud. You pay a small fee upfront today, only to be loaded in silence nearly $ 100 in two weeks. This is how the pricing is broken down:

You pay $ 7.95 USD shipping today and receive a bottle full size Muscle X pure in the mail within 7 calendar days

When the $ 7.95 fee is paid, your credit card is silent previously authorized for a fee of $ 89.95; that the charge will go through after his “trial period” 14 days is full

If you do not call the company, cancel and return the supplement within that small window of 14-day trial, then you will be charged the total price of $ 89.95 for the bottle already received

then, 30 days after the original purchase date of judgment, your credit card will be charged $ 89.95 + $ 7.95 shipping again for another month’s supply of pure muscle X

he will continue charging you $ 89.95 + $ 7.95 each month for the next 12 months

If to request a refund, cancel your membership, or return to their judgment, then you will have to contact the company at 1-415-689-3806.

The deliberates company hides all this information in the fine print at the bottom of the order page. – So many customers have been victims of this scam and

There is nothing wrong with payment of $ 90 for a good bodybuilding supplement. However, when the manufacturer uses a ridiculously low dose of amino acids, combining price with automatic sending scam, and deliberately misleads customers, which is not bode well for consumers.

Who makes X Pure Muscle?

pure muscle X is sold online by a company called IZEF LLC. That company lists its address as:

3500 Fulton Street Suite 11
San Francisco, CA 94118

You can call the company at 1-415-689-3806 (listed as your phone number worldwide) or email them to [email protected]om.

IZEF LLC has partnered with a number of online scams in the past. The ASA, which is the independent regulator of advertising in the UK, has a page dedicated to the company after launching a scam supplement precision feeding again in 2013.

the company is also associated with low quality food supplements like Vimax pills and Tru Burn Plus.

IZEF LLC does not show where the supplement is manufactured or where the ingredients come. When we do not see that information, which usually means that the supplement is manufactured in a developing country in a laboratory unregistered.

Muscle X should you use to generate pure muscle explosive, Lean?

pure muscle X is a supplement bodybuilding who claims to be the biggest bodybuilding supplement ever made. Actually, it’s just a mixture of two amino acids (L-arginine and glutamine) in a dose Unlisted. You can get these amino acids from protein powders and many other supplements. They are not exclusive of pure muscle X.

Making things worse for Muscle X Pure is that the manufacturer does not indicate the dose – suggesting that the dose is relatively weak (recommended for only dose L-Arginine is 6 grams, while capsules appear to be approximately 500g in size).

The grand finale of this muscle X pure scam is the price of $ 90, which is hidden behind an offer of “free trial” designed to deliberately trick users into divulging their data credit card. You can get supplements with higher doses of amino acids for $ 20 or less in any supplement store.

For all these reasons, pure muscle X is a scam bodybuilding supplement you should definitely avoid.

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