Should Natural Parents Avoid Doctors?

Every time I share about my preference for alternatives and Natural Remedies , I have a couple of medical professionals assumptions (I find it hard to believe that a busy medical professional uses his free time to explore the Internet, but I guess all it takes) I scream that if I prefer home birth , or to avoid vaccines or use herbs , that I should just stop seeing doctors all together . Apparently, if you feel that you should have the right to informed consent, and to choose the medical care you prefer to receive care, it should be denied.

fun -. did not believe that Western medicine was a whole system of one size to present himself That was all or nothing. I thought it was a system of care, compassionate people, that respects the rights of patients and worried about their very different needs and helped them get the care that is right for them, neither more nor less.

I guess I was wrong.

Unfortunately, there is a very worrying trend of doctors who are talking and saying “My way or the highway.” Basically, if they recommend special care (drugs, test, procedure, vaccine ) and reject, to be held kicked out of practice and refuse to serve you more.

while, of course, doctors can make rules about who want to care – private companies, after all – I think this says a lot about how doctors see patients, and own . They are the experts; we are there to do what they say. Otherwise.

Should parents avoid medical Natural?

Honestly, this leaves the natural parents of mind-in a bit of a bind.

Many parents feel they need to have a doctor. They have to go to regular monitoring wells and establish a relationship. The reason for this is usually twofold:

One want to have a doctor around in case something really bad happened . But I wonder if the doctor was one of the guys above … what are you going to trust your recommendations in that case? If not, there is no reason to see him / her.

Two to avoid being reported to CPS or similar services . Many people are a little too authority-happy these days, too eager to ask families who are “a little different” about seemingly nothing. We have personally met families who were called by Homeschooling , not to vaccinate, allowing your children play in their own backyard, children of primary age playing outdoors without a jacket, and similarly ridiculous reasons. If CPS involvement, which has a “paper trail” showing that receive regular medical care, and is not medically neglecting your child, it can be useful.

Note that in these two reasons, neither because the family thinks that these visits to protecting the health of children at this time . The first reason is concerned with health, but parents need a doctor you can really trust, and not just “someone” to see to prove a point.

Unfortunately, we are seeing more and more of the class of physicians – often driven by insurance companies or new laws – who believe that there are patients who see what their doctors tell them, and They will be dismissed if they do not follow the line.

What is that nonsense, anyway? In what other industry would have to accept that we have to do what they tell us, no doubt? If a car mechanic told us to replace the entire engine of our car, we would immediately? Or do we get a second opinion? I can not imagine anyone would take the word of a single mechanic who did not know or did not trust such a costly solution, without a doubt.

is so strange.

We are asking, for some, to choose between doing what they tell us … no doubt … or being left with nothing. Because clearly, if you prefer not to enter vaccines or to get a prescription for any cold, they do not deserve any medical care at all. right?

is incredibly arrogant to tell patients. Assume that just because they are cautious not need or want medical care, ever. Of course, it is also incredibly arrogant to say, as some have done, that “When you really get sick, you come running back to us to save you.” This is sometimes accompanied by “… and will not help.”

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Better to avoid medical

I do not think we should allow ourselves to try to this way.

is cruel.

The idea that we have no right to decide what happens in our own bodies or in the form of medical care … that’s “take it or leave it” is cruel. Everyone deserves the right to make their own decisions in these matters , I hope that with the help of an understanding and sympathetic doctor who treats the person and not the disease.

If the option left is that the bully doctors and mock us, and who refuse to take care of us if we do not follow the line set (either vaccines or statin drugs, or routine induction, or any other “standard of care”), then it would be better to avoid altogether.

There is really no place for such doctors, or “care” they provide.

This leaves patients in a situation, one that many mothers natural tendencies often face. When your child is sick … what do they do? Is that taking risks on them, so they can be harassed over their options and because they do not want a solution? Or do they stay home and risk losing something that is really serious and requires assistance? It is a very, very tough call for many families to make.

This means that some children, who do honestly need care, slip through the cracks. They are overlooked because their parents are legitimately afraid of how they will be treated. And worse , much worse, is not the fear that, as adults, will be intimidated. Most parents are willing to deal with it when they know that their children need help with honesty. The real worst part is that if medical professionals do not agree with the decisions or opinions of parents, may have taken custody of them.

That in itself, units many people outside the offices of doctors and hospitals. the system will be avoided to keep custody of their children, or at least avoid stressful and unnecessary intrusion in the form of an investigation of his family and parenting.

The medical system has started and the mentality of “us-versus-them”. Too many doctors believe that parents are brain dead sheep, which must be smart enough to know that not know a lot, and should just listen to the doctors. (Obviously, there are many exceptions to this, in the form of doctors caring and compassionate This is not about them.). However, parents know they will never get – they will find one that is open and compassionate mind? Or you will find one who thinks they are stupid and should fall in line with the protocol doctor?

it is stressful, and it is easier to simply avoid the medical system to deal with this.

And yes – it does matter. In my area, there are many doctors and hospitals, so if there is a bad, it is easy to go to another. But not all parents have that luxury. In some areas, there an option , or a small handful of options, and none are good. They deserve better.

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A practical solution

It is not always possible or advisable to always avoid the medical system. There are times when attention is necessary, usually in emergency situations.

suggest that parents are armed with important information about what is serious and what is not , including warning signs “when calling” for unnecessary medical consultations are not made . I have spoken with conventional medical professionals have told me that many of the cases that go to sick visits need not be there. Parents need to be reported about what actually constitutes a “need” to visit.

I further propose that parents learn how to treat simple things at home . Arm yourself with Herbs and others natural remedies to treat bumps, bruises, sneezing, and tummyaches. These things do not usually need medical attention.

Finally, with regard to the involvement of medical professionals do not intimidate. If any doctor becomes arrogant or trying to force something on you or your child, demand that reverse and leave immediately. “Fire” if they are a primary care physician and do not return. Tell all who are, by name and location. If what you have done is atrocious enough (if they really force a procedure and not only verbally coerce), it is necessary to inform the medical board. Make them responsible for this appalling behavior.

Yes to , the people, refuse to allow doctors to treat us this way, then it stops slowly. Doctors keep people from bullying because they think people are going to take – because most of them do! Most feel they “have” to listen to the doctors.

But hear me now. Doctors have not authority over you. They are no different than hiring any other professional. You would not let you bully a teacher or an electrician. Physicians should not intimidate anyone. It stops when you say it stops.

In short, the question is not, “Should doctors dismiss patients who refuse to vaccinate / fulfill” that is, “if patients allows doctors They require them to make medical decisions that are not comfortable, “and the answer is a resounding no.

If the natural parents avoid medical? Do they Evita?

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