Six Ways to Survive Flu Season

, or Early to bed, early to rise. The more sleep your family gets, the healthier they will be. So while one night is great occasionally, they do not become a habit. School begins increasingly early and if your children are exhausted, it will be more susceptible to all the germs floating around this time of year. So, maybe let teens sleep in a little on the weekends and flip off the light in the room of your bookworm a little earlier. it will be worth it in the long run.

  • Throw away your toothbrush. If your family gets hit, carry out a new set of toothbrushes for each. Most people do not change their toothbrushes Sodium bicarbonate is your friend . Some years ago, I discovered the many surprising uses baking soda Things heat up . When we buy a new house with laminate flooring in the kitchen, I bought a href = “http: // Shark% 20Steam% 20Pocket% 20Mop% 20 (S3501) “> Steam to help accelerate cleaning. I loved the idea of ​​cleaning and disinfection without chemicals. When I opened it for the first time and read through the directions, I discovered that it was an attachment with her face lifted slightly off the floor mop in order to use on the carpet. a minute to understand why you may need Steam Mop carpet, but after the season hit flu, I realized that kill germs in the carpet was super important, especially when you have a tracker was taken. However, you should clean the carpet, but as for the germs that hide in carpet fibers, are dead.
  • Chances are, even if you do all these things, and more, to keep your family healthy, it’s still going to end badly once or twice this winter. We have to have a little extra to the very bad nights chocolate, and be sure to keep up with his own dream! You never know when you need it!

    Do you have any great tips to survive the flu season? We would like to know about it! Please leave us a comment and share.

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