Smart Fat Diet Book – Eat More Fat And Lose Weight?

Smart Fat a book written by Dr. Steven Masley, is co- written by Dr. Jonny Bowden, who re-evaluates misconceptions placed in food fats. The guide discusses how you can eat more fat and still lose weight, be healthier and live longer. Masley emphasizes that the key to eating more fat and still lose weight is to eat the right kinds of fats.

consume more fat. Lose more weight

in Smart Fat Masley breaks the myths that experts have been telling people about the dangers of eating fat. The doctor thinks that putting a blanket ban of this type in anything containing fat, people have become deprived of many health benefits that can be found in the good fats. Not having these fats as part of a daily diet, people really have been keeping themselves weight loss .

Bowden Masley and guide readers through recognition of healthy fats, which can actually help prevent hormonal imbalances and increase energy levels. Not only do these fat hormones and energy aid, but can also suppress appetite and many contain surprising anti-inflammatory properties. Doctors explain how adding these healthy fats in the diet not only helps people lose weight , but helps them keep the weight off.

Smart Fat is a detailed guide, over 300 pages, which guides readers through the process of revolutionizing your diet plans. Readers are given a clear picture of what fats have benefits and what fats should be avoided plan. In addition to all this information, the book also includes an eating plan that covers 30 days and 50 recipes that combine health fats, fiber and protein, without sacrificing taste.

Who is Dr. Steven Masley and Dr. Jonny Bowden?

One of the most important steps in using a diet book is to ensure that the authors know what they are talking about. In the case of the smart fat, writers are experts.

Dr. Jonny Bowden is a well known nutritionist who rose to fame busting several myths surrounding nutrition. Having written more than 14 books, Bowden is also a board certified nutritionist with a master’s degree in psychology. All his books focus on healing the body and improve health through natural methods and by harnessing the powers of the right food.

Dr. Steven Masley is also a nutritionist, but it is also a doctor, author and educator. His focus throughout his career is on heart disease and aging. Through his study it found that people eat foods drastically affect two areas of focus. This led him to work with people to change their lifestyle to achieve optimal health.

While it may seem like Dr. Bowden and Dr. Masley come from two very different areas of education, they found convergent when it came to the concept of weight loss permanently and be healthy. Both agree that healthy fats are key to achieving these goals.

What does this teach intelligent fat?

smart fat passes through a variety of myths about fats that have been generally regarded by the population, but they are not entirely true. Bowden Masley and walk readers through these myths and debunk them using scientific and medical evidence. Then they pass through a variety of new concepts that will help readers lose weight, maintain weight, and thus live a better life.

Some of the myths that are addressed in smart fat are listed below.

Myth 1: Eating fat is bad for the heart

The idea that bad dietary fat can cause heart damage has been perpetuated by the medical community for decades. However, Masley and Bowden disagreed with these claims. On the one hand, it is very difficult to tell people to stop eating fat. Not only small amounts of fat in almost everything, but those who can help are often hungry. This leads to hunger cravings, which ultimately lead to people eating fat again.

Often, if fat is bad for the heart and for weight loss, he was often backed up with evidence obtained from those with low-fat diets. While these diets did result in the loss Weight and the risks of heart disease are lowered, Masley considered that these results were not lower-fat diet. He found that these diets were often herbal and contained high amounts of fiber. His conclusion was that the evidence for low-fat diets actually was evidence of a high-fiber, plant-based diet.

The problem with diets low in healthy fats for the heart ” is not only bad fats are cut, but also cut the good fats, fats that the body needs to function properly. These fats serve a variety of purposes. They balance hormone levels and lower levels of inflammation, which often leads to more balanced insulin and sugar levels in the blood . Since the vast majority of heart disease is caused by high levels of blood sugar, eliminating fats that can help control this condition is not advisable.

Myth 2: All fats are bad

There are two types of fats. The first fats come from processed foods or foods are changed in unnatural states, such as hydrogenated fats. The second type of fats are found naturally in plants or plant-based products. This second type of fat, good fats, have been shown again and again in clinical studies to be beneficial for the body.

Good fats come in many shapes and sizes. An example is the olive oil, it has been shown to help heart health and slowing the aging process. Another example is found in fats raw nuts or found in lean fish. These fats are not all bad and can help regulate blood pressure and improve brain health.

fat One mentioned a bit Smart Fat is coconut oil. The book will go over all of the many benefits of this oil, as well as the many ways that can help improve health and help with losing weight healthily and permanently.

Myth 3: Saturated fats are bad

One of the myths that has been pushed to the population and Masley and Bowden disagree with is that saturated fats are bad for health. Recent studies have found that actually saturated fats are neutral or have no effect on the body. They do not increase the risk of heart disease, although the risk does not diminish either.

Examples of saturated fats, neutral fats or as they are called in the book, are cream-colored and organic butter. high Masley how these fats to be used in the diet to get the most benefit from them.

Smart Buying Fat: Eat more fat. Lose more weight

smart fat can be purchased at Amazon or personal websites Masley and Bowden. Dr. Masley, however, is offering a deal on their website to celebrate the release of smart fat. This agreement consists of three promotional items. They are:

– The Smart Guide fat fast- start
– Dr. Masley Cooking Video (Featuring roast chicken with Mediterranean herbs)
– ‘Seven spices that can save your life “Video

for any questions or for more information, Dr. Masley can be contacted at [email protected]

He is also on Facebook and Twitter.

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