Ten Secrets for Ageing Gracefully

Let’s face it, as we begin to see the telltale signs of aging in the mirror, they often begin to wonder if looking old is something that should be supported. You might be surprised to learn that really are ways to age gracefully can become a reality. By helping people with solutions heath and health, often I find that a great benefit of working in total body health and wellness is very often a person younger looking and younger feeling emerges. Today, every time this happens, I am still surprised by the physical appearance of the person and see their emotional health and confidence soar.

Of course, when we talk about aging gracefully, we must remember that there is no magic bullet, no secret supplement without cream that will keep us young. It is my experience that a younger look is more about what we do on a daily basis to serve and support our mind, body and soul than anything else. habits lifestyle such as eating a healthy diet, daily exercise, sleep, sun every day, drinking water, healthy emotions and limited stress improve the interior and, best of all, show abroad.


often ask me if I have any secret anti-aging working … The short answer is a resounding yes. However, more than anything else, always involves something more than what is happening inside the body. Here are my suggested are presented Ten Secrets to Aging gracefully, beautifully and naturally. Implement these suggestions age gracefully and you might be pleasantly surprised by what begins to look in the mirror every morning.

Ten Secrets to Aging Gracefully

1) to keep your digestive tract and liver clean. I understand that some wonder if the cleansing and detoxifying the body is really necessary. The short answer is “yes”, especially if we consider the toxic world in which we live. I recommend making a clean pathways liver-gallbladder-digestive twice a year (spring and fall). This will help proper digestion and elimination. It will also ensure that the digestive tract is clean so that nutrients can be absorbed, assimilated and used correctly. A sluggish liver and bowel (constipation) can have very negative effects on your skin and your emotions. The liver is the main filter in your body and must be kept clean in order to keep doing their job properly – filtering toxins. For example fatty liver disease (as many as one in five Americans have a fatty liver and not know it) can cause skin rashes, cellulitis, difficulty losing weight, fluid retention, circles dark under the eyes, acne, brown spots on the skin, emotional problems and a weak sense of all excess. One of the first differences that many people notice after performing several cleanses the liver, gallbladder is like your skin looks clear.

2) Water. Your body is 75% water and your brain is about 78% water. If you wait until you’re thirsty to drink water, you are already dehydrated. Try to drink half your body weight in ounces of purified water each day, up to 126 ounces of water. Water hydrates your body cells and facilitates the effective removal of toxins. Drinking filtered water or distilled water with added minerals. It is also advisable to buy a shower filter . Chlorine and Chloramine is carcinogenic and aging skin, not to mention having a negative effect on your overall health. A hot shower 15 minutes is the equivalent of drinking 7 glasses of tap water. Supplementation MegaHydrate can help with hydration of the body. MegaHydrate can also provide anti-aging benefits.

3) Diet. I and fad diets is not beneficial to your body or your skin. Get on a healthy diet that promotes real food (no food or foods loaded with chemicals, etc. pre-packaged) and get your weight at a level that is healthy and easy to maintain. Organic, fresh fruits and raw vegetables should make up most of your eating plan. Add nuts and seeds raw organic, organic poultry and eggs, organic oils (coconut, linseed, hemp, olive) and poultry, grass-fed organic meats. Make sure you eat enough healthy fats. Do not take after 7:30 PM. Supplementation: Include an organic multivitamin mineral complex such as IntraMax Emulsified vitamin D (In a study of more than 2,000 women, found that those who had higher levels of vitamin D to have fewer aging-related in their DNA changes and inflammatory responses lowered.) and B vitamins source additional naturally for supplementation. Another anti-aging supplement is important enzymes . There is evidence that systemic enzymes help the body fight inflammation, to break down certain proteins and fats that make up the blood and plaque. Due to the anti-inflammatory properties of systemic pancreatic enzymes, there is no evidence that they can help the body to treat virtually all inflammatory symptoms.

4) Exercise. Try to do 30 minutes of some type of daily exercise. Walking is the cheapest, most convenient and easiest way to exercise. You may also want to incorporate Pilate, yoga, strength training and / or aerobics. The main thing is to get moving and do it daily. Like other organs, the skin gets its nourishment from the bloodstream. Exercise increases blood circulation to the skin, as well as their bodies. Lymphatic drainage removal techniques will keep the lymphatic system that will help in removing toxins. One of the best exercises to keep the lymphatic system movement is rebounds . Sweating is good for you and a way for the skin to release toxins. For those who sit at a computer most of the day, set a timer to remind you to get up and walk every hour. This will give you a boost of energy, clear your mind, relax your eyes and help with circulation.

5) Fatty Acids. Good Essential fats are very important and very necessary for a young looking. They are needed to make cell membranes, hormones, and other body chemicals. Essential fatty acids help to live longer, keep your heart healthy, fight inflammation, and may even prevent some cancers. Did you know that most cancer patients are deficient in essential fatty acids? Good fats are also particularly important for people with inflammatory skin diseases such as eczema and acne, and also for people with dry skin. Include in your diet freshly ground flaxseed or flaxseed oil, unrefined coconut oil, hemp seed oil, avocado oil and some cold water fish. Avoid saturated and animal fats. Not only will your skin look better, but most likely notice those little annoying aches and pains that make you feel old begin to be less noticeable.

food 6) Eliminate sugar and pre-packaged. I call refined white Sugar “legal” drug in America. It is a main culprit of the disease, depression and mood swings. It is involved in most degenerative diseases and clinical evidence that we see when removed from the diet, overall health including emotional health improves considerably. It has no nutritional benefit and contributes to premature aging and disease. For those times when you need a sweetener consider using organic fruit juice, stevia or raw honey. purely-ageless-age-defense-creme

7) care products natural skin. Use care products non-toxic skin on your face and skin. Note that even some products labeled “natural” contain parabens (may have estrogenic effects) and many contain titanium dioxide which we are not completely sure of their safety. We should not have to worry about harmful products in skin care chemicals, but unfortunately in this area we have to make our own diligent research because manufacturers are not always truthful. Read labels and let companies know their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with their product ingredients. Avoid using strong soaps or creams solid cleaners such as cold cream on her face. Instead, use natural oils such as organic argan oil to remove dirt and makeup old. Try to wash your face with distilled water – fill a jar to keep in your bathroom. The tap water contains chlorine, chloramine and fluoride, which kills skin cells. I recommend oasis of serenity Botanicals line of skin care consisting of OxyBalm (oxygen facial balm) purely Ageless Age-Defense Creme and refining toner Hydra-Tone as some of the best products natural skin care available. For a large oxygenated facial apply Oxy-Balm on your face before sleeping, twice a week. Your skin will be soft and smooth in the morning also get the benefit of added oxygen healing. Do not avoid the sun, but respect it and when spending long periods of time in the sun use an organic sunscreen on all exposed skin.

8) Stress. Stress is a silent murderer and can wreak havoc throughout the body, both inside and outside. High levels of stress show in the skin around the eyes and emotions. Reduce stress by implementing some of the following: meditation, listen to good music, taking a hobby, yoga, Pilate, walking in nature, activities with family and volunteer their time for a good cause. Sometimes the direct supply voltage should be treated as a stressful job, boss, spouse, etc. Enjoy life and make time for fun and relaxation.

9) sleep. The importance of rest sleep can not be overstated. It is certainly one of the most important pillars of good health. Your body makes an enormous amount of repair and healing during sleep. Restful sleep helps longevity, regulating hormones, inflammation, stress and anti-aging. I suggest being in bed every night by 10: 00-10: 30 PM. While this may be difficult at first, after a short time of their circadian rhythm body will adjust and your body will show signs that it is ready for sleep. Be sure to turn off the computer, Wi-Fi, TV, cell phone devices in the area where you sleep. Electromagnetic radiation of these devices can deplete your body of melatonin (hormone) so it is difficult for your body to experience a restful sleep. Sleep in a totally dark room that is cool helps initiate sleep.

10) hormonal imbalance (men and women). Because our toxic environment, hormonal food loaded with chemicals that mimic estrogen in personal care products, more soy consumption and thousands of prescription drugs that get into the water table, hormonal imbalance is rampant and even to appear in children as young as 8 years old. hormonal imbalance can cause insomnia, dry skin, lack of energy, emotional problems, mood swings and many other health problems. While there are some herbs that can help relieve hormonal or support balanced hormones and symptoms, they will balance hormones clinically. bioidentical progesterone cream USP as Serene Oasis Rejuvenating Cream is an excellent method of rejuvenating hormones for pre and post menopausal women. For more ideas on hormonal balance, see my ebook proven secrets to Whole Body Balance Hormonal … You can feel good . If hormonal imbalance is a concern, find a knowledgeable doctor using bioidentical hormone therapy (BHT).



11) Delete smoking. Not only does smoking put in a very real risk of lung cancer and other diseases, but also causes premature wrinkling of the skin around the mouth area. Most people who smoke often have dull skin, brittle hair and yellow teeth. Inhaling hundreds of toxins in the body whenever a cigarette is lit. So sit on cigarettes -. You will look better and feel better

Aging Gracefully, very well, and, of course, is not difficult. If the inside of your body stays in good health, you will be paid through its outward appearance. Remember that the help you can get from an expensive jar, chemical-laden cream is only temporary and, eventually, you can add the toxicity of your body. Employing the above suggestions and in three months, you may very well find people commenting not only on your skin healthy, but in his young and radiant.

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