The 5 best home remedies for the dark groin and inner thighs

Dark spots on the groin and thigh area are the result of excessive pigmentation and pressure on the skin. They become darker as part of the skin's defense mechanism to protect themselves from injuries caused by friction.

What causes the dark spots?

According to Healthise, your dark spots are caused by constant friction. There are, however, other causes apart from the common phenomenon. These include fungal infections that show reddish and dark spots around the groin area. If this happens, you should consult with your doctor. If a health professional has already ruled out medical conditions, it is more likely to be due to natural causes. In any case, you can resort to these five home remedies that will help you to clarify the dark areas.

Wear loose clothing

The use of tight clothing made of artificial fibers such as spandex or nylon causes your skin to darken. When pressed more against the skin, the pressure prevents the skin from breathing and, as a result, the skin is protected from scratches or injuries and tends to darken.

It is recommended to wear loose clothing or absorbent cotton underwear to avoid moisture. Its surface allows the skin to relax and breathe, thus preventing the appearance of dark spots.


There are several whitening creams made specifically to lighten the groin area. Choose those that have salicylic acid and alpha-hydroxyl acid. Hydroquinone is also a chemical that lightens the skin and improves its texture, Healthline suggested. The best options are those with positive comments from users that attest to their effectiveness.


Turmeric is a natural antiseptic that also has whitening properties that lighten dark spots in the groin area. Mix it with yogurt and lemon juice that have similar properties increases the effectiveness and allows them to act as natural whitening creams.


Dark spots can also be caused by dirt around the groin area. If you wash it constantly with an exfoliating soap mixed with oats, the affected skin will be rejuvenated and smoothed. These exfoliating agents are also gentle on the skin and improve the texture of the skin and whiten it.

Increase immunity

Staying hydrated with warm milk and a pinch of turmeric also works. These ingredients improve your immune system and prevent infections. Since infections also result in darker thighs and groin skin, improving the immune system helps prevent them.


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