The 6 Dangers Of Non-Stick Pans And The 2 Safer Alternatives

We have already heard of Teflon pans and dangers. These are light nonstick pans have become quite common. As much that require no pretreatment, which are very light and very convenient.

Hazards associated with Teflon only when not treated properly. However, any overheating Teflon nonstick can cause the coating to rupture and release toxic chemicals that can kill pet birds and cause flu-like symptoms in people. In other words, overheating Teflon even for a minute or two can cause illness. Teflon has also been linked with (but not proven cause) cancer, high cholesterol, thyroid disease, and decreased fertility. Which is too great a risk for me to take, personally.

What are your options? You have two choices: cast iron or ceramic. Each comes with its own wonderful advantages and disadvantages less wonderful

Solid Metal – Cast Iron

Many people will disagree with us, but Cast iron is our favorite! It takes a little harder work, but we still like it. What is unique is that when it dries well, is perfect to cook these foods acids love.

The positive cast iron

Its durable

it is tough and does not break so easily. Of course you can break your floor in case of fall! Most times you can complete the purchase of a piece with some mold in the corners. a certain amount of cleaning will be taken to get rid of it. Once seasoned and ready, you’ll love it!

There is a classic appeal to it – something the mid-20th century! Genuine splendidly cast iron is soft and gives a better than Teflon-coated skillet modern nonstick surface.

used in furnaces -. The cast iron pan can safely go in the oven and cause no concerns

is also safe to use with metal utensils. Do not worry if someone tells you that there is something wrong with the use of cast iron pan with metal utensils! It is safe!

wash them with Easy

We would like to crush another myth! Can be washed with soap and water cast iron and not have to worry about anything. Do it once in a couple of weeks, scrub and then the season is back!

Cast iron can be your partner in drag! Put it in the packer and the head of a camp and will serve you well!

why you can say no to cast iron?

uneven heating – Unable to get even cast iron heating! It just is not possible – that is in the nature of metal! Only the area on fire heats up, the other side remains cool. But that’s kind of a good thing – you can heat different foods simultaneously in different places


If ever I have to change changing cast iron for some unknown reason and unwanted, I’ll switch to ceramic.

Positives ceramic

Ceramic is not sticking.

Almost as non-stick as Teflon. Some pans require a bit of oil or butter in the pan with them, but most do not.

heat evenly

This is a bestseller for most people. I have nothing against herself. But when one of these is used, including cooking and clean, with little or no residue when it cleaning.

Super easy to clean

Because they are not as unequal as cast iron, even if they are coated and raw still clean with a little soaking and a dishtowel.

not zero and nonstick

Seriously. I’ve heard these are safe metal too. And I love that are truly non-stick, which most new cast iron can not claim.

Oven Safe

see your brand. Some brands of ceramic cookware are NOT oven safe. But those who are entering with the same ease that makes cast iron.
Why you can say No to ceramics?

All the ceramic material I work with has been almost as heavy as cast iron, but apparently there are brands that manufacture lighter versions of ceramic pans that are being made.
‘ve never seen one of these go cheaply. And unlike cast iron really can not be collected at a local garage sale for the price of a coffee. The last thing you want is to drop the mud.


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