The Acupressure Points You Need to Know to Quickly Relieve Gas, Bloating and Stomach Pain

Acupressure is an extremely beneficial technique, which is a part of alternative medicine, and It joins the benefits of both acupuncture and pressure.

to be more specific, pressure is applied to acupuncture points and provides a wide range of health benefits. Therefore, it accelerates digestion effectively prevents swelling, helps stomach emptying, and avoids the problems of gas.

These are some of the most important points of acupuncture there is to know, in order to treat upset stomach, gas and bloating:

  1. Points stomach

Location: found in the center lines of the body, the first is just above the navel (center energy), and the other is a few centimeters below it (sea power) [

Treatment: in order to address the issues of gas, you must press these points the stomach, in order to relieve constipation, reduce abdominal contraction, treatment of stomach pains, cure frustration, relieve pain, reduce emotional stress and relieve heartburn. For best results, do this treatment regularly.

  1. Lower Back Points

Location: acupressure points for gas in the lower back are four, which is around the waist, in the lower body. They are also known as the Sea of ​​Vitality.

Treatment: Pressing these points will result in abdominal pain relief, reduction of stomach pains, gas and prevention. In the case of a weak back, not exercise these pressure points in order to avoid further complications.

  1. hand points

Location :. They can be found on the inside of the wrists, and are also known as Interior door Punto

Treatment :. Apply pressure on these points to relieve nausea, stomach pain, and improve digestion

  1. Leg three miles

Location :. These points are also known as Zu San Li, or ‘leg three miles’, referring to the power of these points to provide energy for a walk three miles

order to locate this point, you should bend your leg a little, and put 4 fingers below the kneecap. You should start with the index finger on the base of the head, while the other fingers remain directly below it. The point is located in the place of his little finger, on the outer side of the shin bone.

Treatment: The pressure of this point will provide the body energy high, will relieve gas, bloating, nausea, improve digestion, immunity strengthen, relieve other digestive disorders like constipation and diarrhea


  1. points on the feet

Location: There are 2 essential points for gas shiatsu acupressure on the feet. Cross ankle on his knee, and find with your thumb. One is at the top of the arc, the width of a finger away from the ball of the foot, and the other is where the bones of the second and big toe are at the top of the foot

Treatment: Click the first point for a minute in order to calm the stomach , reduce gas, and stimulate circulation. You can also press the other for a minute to reduce gas and bloating as well.

  1. Three Yin Crossing

Location: You can find this point around 3 fingers width above the bone of the inner ankle

treatment.. Pres This point in order to treat all issues- lower abdomen, including colitis, flatulence and abdominal distension

in addition, there are three acupressure points that can help treat stomach problems and reduce gas.

However, we will offer some useful tips on how to practice acupressure to relieve gas and get the desired results:

  • should apply gentle pressure on these points initially.
  • , then you should exercise four levels of pressure and press ever deeper.
  • After the deepest point, massage the point in a circular motion.
  • For enhanced effects, you can use essential oils. They can be applied after acupressure treatment, or just at points during treatment.
  • During the acupressure treatment, which should be in a comfortable and relaxed position and breathe deeply, eyes closed.
  • There is no limit on the time practice acupressure, so you can use it whenever you can.
  • can also ask someone to help you if you do not feel comfortable massage acupressure points on your own gas.

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