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Summit fat is a series of audio and video presentations that promise to teach you ways verified scientifically to lose weight by eating more fat in your diet. Here is our opinion Summit fat.

What is the top fat?

The Summit fat is a collection of weight loss videos and audio files run by a family physician and author named Dr. Mark Hyman.

In February 2016, Dr. Hyman published a book called Eat Fat, Get Thin . As a preview to the book, he published La Cumbre online fat, which claims to contain many similar lessons to those described in the book.

These “lessons” involve what to add more fat to your diet -. Especially if you are trying to lose weight

If you eat more fat to lose weight seems contradictory to you, then that’s normal: Dr. Hyman aims to convince that this method apparently contradictory weight loss can have huge effects on your health – and not just in terms of weight loss.

There are several different versions of the Summit fat, priced according to the amount of information it receives. There is a $ 59 version and a version of $ 99, for example.

files contain video and audio interviews with things like professional weight loss -. Including Dave Asprey and Deepak Chopra, among others

How fat Summit work?

Dr. Hyman’s new book is called Eat Fat, Get Thin. As you might have guessed from the name, the book states that you can look and feel your best without depriving yourself of fats. As Dr. Hyman explains,

“Science shows that if you eat fat, you get thin (and reverse heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and more)”

Some of the specific topics covered eating fat, weight loss and include fat Summit:

– All calories are not equal, and science has shown us that what you eat is more important than the amount you eat

– in 2015, the Advisory Committee on the dietary Guidelines United States eliminated any recommendation to limit fat in your diet, as it concluded that fat does not make us sick

– research indicates that sugar and carbohydrates are the real cause of obesity and heart disease, unlike fats

– diets with higher levels of fats have been linked with improved brain function , reduced symptoms of dementia, and a lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes

– dietary fat has been shown to support reality weight loss

Some of the speakers explain the reasoning behind this approach, while other speakers branch on their own issues. Throughout more than 30 interviews, you learn more about how your body works -. And how you can use this information to make it easier to diet in 2016 and the future

what is included with the summit fat?

Regardless of the version of the Summit of fat that you buy, the main product remains the same. The main product includes:

– 30 Video Presentations (MP4 file format)
– 30 Discussions audio (mp3)
– 30 slide
– Hundreds of transcripts interview (pdf)

most of the interviews proceed in the same way: interviews Dr. Hyman a specialist in your field and learn more about his approach to weight loss and fat loss


detailed information above may seem like a lot, but it is important to recognize that all files cover the same material.

For example, Dr. Hyman interview Deepak Chopra and convert information from that interview in a presentation video and audio files, a slide, and a full interview transcript in PDF format. So it is not receiving hundreds of different video and audio presentations :. You are getting the same material

That does not mean that there is a lack of information on the Summit of fat, however. Dr. Hyman interviews some experts in their fields.

Below is a brief description of some of the most influential speakers featured at the Summit of fat.

Summit speakers fat

The fat Summit includes over 30 interviews with a wide range of professionals. Here is a brief description of each speaker and what you learn from that person

– Deepak Chopra, MD: It teaches the relationship between genes and food, as well as the secrets behind change their gene expression the diet. Dr. Chopra also explains (ancient India) Ayurvedic approach to diet.

– Vani Hari explains that “the reason why shocking millennium will weigh more than Baby Boomers” despite eating the same average amount of calories. It also explains three ingredients to eliminate from your diet to improve your health.

– David Perlmutter, MD explains the myth magic pill cure and describes what you really need to do to cure chronic diseases. It also explains the benefits of grass-fed versus beef fed grain in terms of how both decompose inside your body animals.

– Christiane Northrup, MD: Learning specific foods to start eating today to look “like a goddess ageless”. Special areas include the link between inflammation and disease and how the relationship of a woman with dietary changes over time.

Dave Asprey : The Silicon Valley investor explains how “ biohack ” your own biology to achieve your health goals. the importance of supplements is also explained as MCT oil weight loss, memory and gut health.

Dozens of other speakers – many of whom are professionals and doctors -. Summit include fat


Other topics covered include which plants to eat to achieve your fat loss goals and how to detoxify your body real, medically supported.

All this advice is provided by a doctor or someone who is a recognized expert in his field.

The Summit Fat is not a guy on the Internet that says things I do not understand very well: it is a health professional medical-reinforced board real doctors and


Who is Dr. Mark Hyman?

Summit fat was led by Dr. Mark Hyman, who conducts all interviews in the program.

Dr. Hyman is family doctor and a nine, when New York Times bestselling author.

Around official website, Dr. Hyman calls himself “a leader internationally recognized speaker, educator and lawyer in his field.”

He is also the director of the Center Cleveland Clinic Functional Medicine and founded the Center UltraWellness.

As mentioned above, the latest book by Dr. Hyman was launched in February 2016 and was titled Eat Fat, Get Thin.

The prices Fat


Summit fat is available in three different levels of packages, including:


Online access ($ 59)

you can only access the materials through the portal in private line and you can not download their own electronic devices. The package includes all of the following:

– more than 30 presentations on video (mp4)
– 30+ discussions audio (mp3)
– more than 30 slide
– Hundreds transcripts of the interview (pdf)
– Purchase of bonds

online access + Flash Drive ($ 99)

This package gives you access to all materials on the portal online access while receiving a separate flash unit in the mail. This flash drive allows you to watch videos on any device and material can be transferred as you want to your tablet, smartphone or computer. Package includes:

– Flash Drive 8GB
– more than 30 presentations on video (mp4)
– 30+ discussions audio (mp3)
– more than 30 presentations slide
– Hundreds of transcripts from full interview (pdf)
– buying bonds

Only Flash drive ($ 99)

The flash drive single package will deliver a flash drive full educational materials to your address. You do not get online access to any materials, although it is free to transfer the materials on the USB stick to any device. This package is priced at exactly the same speed as the package “Online access + Flash Drive” and that does not include purchasing bonds with the other two packages. So it is clear why someone would choose this package:

– more than 30 presentations on video (mp4)
– 30+ discussions audio (mp3)
– 30+ slide shows
– Hundreds of full transcripts of the interview (pdf)
– No purchase bonds

All purchases come with a 30 day warranty warranty. That money back guarantee gives you a 100% refund within 30 days of purchase, without explanation.

premium products included with the summit fat

The first two packages above come with two bonus offers, including:

Eat Fat Get Thin Plan 21 Day – fat Bible: This book is described as a complete guide to fats, including good fats, bad fats, and the “ugly” fats. It contains a lot of information in Eat Fat, Get Thin, including the benefits and risks of different fats, where the source of specific fats, the use of fats, and more.

Eat Fat Get Thin 21 Day Plan – Beyond Food: Beyond Food agrees to teach the fundamental causes of obesity and damaged metabolism. In many cases, individuals could be doing all the right things to lose weight, but really are not losing weight. The specific factors described in this book include toxins, hormones, genetic and other biological factors.

really do not get fat eating, make thin book with any package, but additional information you can use to make more informed decisions in your diet is obtained.

About the Summit fat

Summit fat was produced by Health online conversations and dissemination via the Internet in January 2016.

can get in contact with the creators of the Summit of fat here using the online form

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