The Lines In Your Palm Can Unveil Secrets About Your Life – How To Read Them

The type of music we listen, our style preferred personnel, and our foods speak volumes about what we are. However, to discover what we really are, you do not need any external stimuli. All you have to do is take the time to notice certain things about himself.

Another interesting insight can be found in the palm of your hand. Open it and take a look at the lines. Four of these reveal secrets about our strengths, flaws, experiences lines, and where we go in life.

The art of palm reading is called palmistry and has been practiced for centuries in Asia, Persia, ancient Israel, and Babylon. Palm reading was taken very seriously by many significant minds that have sculpted the course of our history as Alexander the Great and Aristotle, who once said. “The lines are not written in the human hand without reason emanating from celestial and own influences individuality of man. “Hippocrates, an ancient Greek physician and one of the most prominent figures in the history of medicine, even palmistry is used to help their clinical procedures. Mark Twain, Grover Cleveland, and Thomas Edison also favored palm reading and travel to London, England to have their palms read by the reader Cheiro famous, who studied with gurus in India.

However, if you are interested in learning how to read your palm, there is no need to buy a ticket for a transatlantic flight. All you have to do is learn some important basics and open hand …

Focus on the dominant hand and locate heart, head, life and fate line. Note that the horizontal lines must be read from the thumb side and vertical width of wrist up.

Now focus on just your heart line.

… If line

  • extends from the side of the hand and finger ends below index:. You happy with your love life
  • extends from the side of the hand and ends below the middle finger. Egotistical you when it comes to love
  • extends from the side of the hand and ends in the middle of his middle and ring finger :. You fall in love easily
  • is straight and short: You are not interested in romance
  • is near the toes.. You are a passionate person and sometimes jealous
  • goes all the way through: you suppress their emotions
  • plays his lifeline. his heart is easily broken
  • curves to the index finger. you’re out loving .
  • straight and parallel to the line of the head. You have good control over their emotions
  • is wavy: You’ve had many relationships and lovers, but the absence of serious relationships
  • has gaps: you have suffered distress
  • has little short lines the heart line intersect.. you have a wandering eye and find it difficult to remain faithful

Take a look at the horizontal line just below the heart line, this is your head line.

If the line …

  • is short: You prefer physical achievements in mental
  • .

  • is straight and extends through the hand :. You are a senseless very logical thinker
  • is wavy or zigzag :. You have a short attention span and your mind tends to wander
  • curves downward toward the wrist: It is creative and trusted
  • separated from their lifeline. You like adventure and is fond of life
  • has circles on it. You’ve experienced an emotional crisis
  • has several crosses.. Indicates important decisions

now look at your lifeline, the closest to the thumb vertical line. Note that this line does not really say anything about how long it will really live that life.

If the line …

  • is strong and deep :. You have a passion for life and strive to reach their full potential
  • is shallow and weak. It tends to be less ambitious
  • is curved: You’re strong
  • .

  • is straight: you are cautious when a new relationship
  • introduced

  • is broken. You have experienced a sudden change in lifestyle
  • has circles. You have been you hospitalized or injured
  • .

  • is not alone and has multiple lifelines :. You are a very busy person

Finally, check out the target line, the vertical line that goes directly to the middle of the palm.

If the line …

  • is pronounced and straight :. Indicates that you have a focused career
  • is weak. You are not satisfied with your work
  • has little forks and branches growing from it: You’ve had many twists and turns in his career
  • .

  • it starts then it is separated from its lifeline :. You are an individual self-made that young aspirations developed
  • Joins with the life line in the middle: You had or will have a point that will sacrifice their interests for the sake of other
  • .

  • starts at the base of the thumb and then crosses the lifeline :. You have the support of family and friends

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