The Root Cause of Cancer No One Knows (It’s Been HIDDEN Since the 1930s)

Unlike what many people always think, no DNA damage it is the only thing that make a cell cancerous. While it may be true that cancer cells may have DNA damage, there is still no evidence showing DNA damage causes no cells become cancerous. The truth is that DNA damage is the result of the actual cause of cancer. So, what is the real cause of cancer?

For more than 100 years, has been found many discoveries related to cancer. One is the discovery of William Russel (1852-1940). In 1890, Russel found that the presence of microbes in and out of cancer cells. It was later discovered that microbes within cancer are pleomorphic, meaning that their shapes can sizes depend on the pH can change within cancer cells.

Another discovery was made by Otto Warburg who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1931. He determined that the defining characteristic of cancer cells was “energy ATP” low is done within mitochondria of cells and is called “adenosine triphosphate”.

in 1930, Dr. Royal Rife made another discovery that showed how cancer cells can revert to normal cells if the microbes are killed within cancer cells. Later the use of “harmonic frequencies” vibrating microbes until “exploded” and died developed.

Unfortunately, instead of winning a Nobel Prize for his discoveries, he got his laboratory and inventory being destroyed by the consensus of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the American medical Association (AMA).

Now the question is, why the project of Dr. Rife is closing Downstairs? The answer must be surprising for everyone. Because the fact is that their findings lead to 100% cure rate among cancer patients.

The problem with the FDA

is not it strange? Why a cancer researcher being closed by the search for a cure for cancer? During all this time, everyone assumes that everyone in the healthcare industry, including pharmaceutical companies are diligently seeking cures for cancer. But is that really true?

Unfortunately, what we really want is just a huge profit from the sale of its patented chemicals. If there is a treatment that can cure cancer without the need of medicine, surely cut its gains and is hard to imagine that they will be happy to support it.

So what about the FDA? It was not supposed to support all developments related to cancer treatment? They are. But right now, what they actually do is to be a “private police” of the pharmaceutical industry. All they care about is how to protect profist if the pharmaceutical industry, even if it means the end of those who know how to cure cancer effectively as Dr. Rife.

All that matters is clear. Because drugs made by the pharmaceutical industry can be patented, while waveforms and molecules can not. The FDA and the AMA are both together try to fight natural medicine. The media is not neutral, either. Many television programs and advertising intentionally medical glorified. As a result, when someone diagnosed with cancer, the only option they have in mind is to go immediately to the nearest oncologist. The media certainly do their job very well

Scientific Foundation for Cancer Research Independent (ICRF) -. A nonprofit foundation that researches natural medicine – ATP discovered how energy is partially blocked by microbes inside the cancer cells. Their finding then lead to the development of more than 25 natural cancer treatment that attack and kill microbes within cancer cells and reverse in normal cells.

According to the website of tutor cancer, inspired by the team of Dr. Rife, he also invented a new technological device known as the “high-frequency device RF “which can kill microbes within cancer cells

microbes within cancer cells

by so, how microbes within cancer cells cause cancer? Let’s talk about how microbes inside the cancer cells block the ATP energy production. Knowing that this is important to understand many new cancer treatments.

First, let’s see what causes the creation of ATP energy in a healthy cells.

Step 1: In a normal cell, receptors glucose allow the glucose present within the cell

. Step 2: This continuation glucose, pyruvate become a chemical chain reaction 10 steps

Step 3: .. pyruvate enters the mitochondria of the cell (each cell has thousands of mitochondria)

Step 4 :. pyruvate is now at the beginning of a chain reaction called “citric acid cycle” or “Krebs cycle”

steps 5: about half way through the citric acid cycle, another chemical chain reaction called the “chain trans” begins. Most ATP energy are created in these two cycles.

The key is compared to normal cells, cancer cells have more receptors glucose. While for glucose itself, cancer cells are 15 times more glucose than normal cells. Although the amount of glucose in cancer cells have much more than normal cells, most of it not come into the mitochondria. This is why cancer cell has lower energy ATP because they contain less pyruvate caused by the reduced availability of glucose.

Is it true that cancer causes DNA damage?

Now, let’s talk about why cancer cells may have DNA damage. According to the finding by Virginia Livingston team of researchers from natural medicine cancer, one or more of the microbes inside the cancer cells penetrate the cell nucleus (where the DNA is located).

can not be some kind of mix from the DNA of microbes cancer with DNA from cells that then modify the DNA of the cancer cell and cause DNA damage. In conventional medicine, this is the basis of “gene therapy.”

However, it is not the DNA damage that cause the cell to be cancerous. This is just a sign that there is a presence of microbes.

cancer research, including American Cancer Society are trying to correct the DNA damage. Actually, it is not going anywhere. Because they do not ‘genuinely trying to find the cure for cancer. However, people think that really do their job. If you really serious about finding the cure for cancer, they may have to hire one of the researchers have found 25 ICRF and cures for now.

So in the end, the best job they do is pretend that they are looking for remedies to treat cancer, when in fact, totally fine with cancer treatment available present.

If Dr. Rife method look, we can see that the key is to kill microbes inside the cancer cells. If you can do, then we can stop germs blocking ATP energy. Once the microbes, dead cancer cells can regain access to energy ATP and return to normal cells again.

Apart discovered how microbes block energy ATP, researchers ICRF also found 25 different ways to kill microbes while inside the cancer cell and successfully return to cells cancer in normal cells.

One method to kill bacteria inside the cancer cells are known as protocol “honey and turmeric.” This method is part of the dirt cheap Protocol (Yes, this is the real name since the protocol since many cancer patients can not afford some of the natural treatments of cancer) that can be found on the website cancer tutor .

As explained above, the cancer cells have more receptors glucose compared to normal cells. This condition are attracted to honey. yes honey has the ability to kill microbes inside the cancer cell, but when combined with turmeric would be even more effective in eradicating microbes. In other words, honey becomes the “Trojan horse” for turmeric.

Some studies have shown that curcumin is the most effective in removing grass Helicobacter pylori and help cells become normal cells again.

There are more than a dozen other technique in the Dirt Cheap Protocol using honey and turmeric, which are also designed to attack and kill microbes inside the cancer cells. You can find dirt cheap Protocol and other natural cancer treatments Cancer Tutor website . You can also find the “Protocol High Frequency RF”, a replica and improving the original Rife frequency generators on this website.

In conclusion, it can be considered traditional methods (such as the mixture of carrot juice and beet juice) as well as the state of the art technology as an alternative to conventional treatment Cancer. You can also find a lot of natural medicine clinic cancer. Some of them run by the doctor who switched to natural treatment

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