This Is Why You Should Never Drink Water With Ice

The truth is that water cooling with ice, especially when it is very hot.

This article will explain why you need to quit and why it is bad for your health.

What will happen to your body when you’re diving in a mountain lake that is thawing, try to imagine how you feel?

The temperature is rising, indicating that spring is coming. The water of lakes and rivers, thawed but still very cold

When your body is in hot water, the pores open and the skin becomes soft and loose. Cold water is the opposite; the skin contracts, tightens pores. It also happens with the digestive system, the digestive tract is cooled and constricts blood vessels.

What the cold water makes your body?

  • When ice cold water passes through your system, cold temperature constricts blood vessels and also solidifies the fat of the food we have eaten and is difficult to digest in the stomach unwanted fat.
  • Cold water takes energy that the body needs to properly process what has ingested. If we TNAT enzymes work in a special temperature range, which makes it more difficult their ability to carry out, if water gets cold. Difficult to digest food and absorb nutrients not properly.
  • A glass of cold water after meals will cause your body to start producing excess mucus. This will lead to immune system does not fulfill its function of regulating; You can catch a cold or develop any unwanted health condition.
  • Yes you do not want to increase your body weight, not to drink cold water or soda with your meals. Your body can not process and end unwanted fat in their bodies, and where you least want.
  • Cold water will not improve your immune system and not burn calories; you can do the most difficult and worst things for your health. You can really feel the happiness and joy appear in your body, if you understand how drinking can affect digestion.

Why hot water is best for you?

  • Maximize hydration
  • improved digestion – digestive enzymes stimulated
  • Better to break down food
  • bowel movement easier (one glass of warm lemon water every morning)
  • cleaning adequate blood
  • Best leads to detoxification through the kidneys and lymphatic system,
  • You can really feel the happiness and joy appear in your body, if you understand how drinking can affect digestion.
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