This So Powerful Ancient Remedy “Cures All Diseases” : HIV, AIDS, Diabetes, Cancer, Stroke, STDs, Arthritis & More …

Can you guess what is the ingredient that can “cure all diseases”? seed oil black cumin is this miracle ingredient that is able not only to inhibit the activity of cancer cells can also kill certain types of cancer cells. It is an ancient remedy used to treat almost all types of diseases.

already been found in scientific studies related to animal studies black seed oil (scientific name: Nigella sativa) functions as a potent cancer treatment. These studies show that could be equally effective as anti-cancer to fight some types of cancer drugs.

Thymoquinone is an oil extract of black cumin seeds. It has several powerful health benefits for various inflammatory diseases such as the following:

– Liver cancer

– breast cancer

– cervical cancer

– cancer skin melanoma

– prostate cancer

– pancreatic cancer

– colon cancer

– lymphoma

– brain cancer

– stomach cancer

– bone cancer

– cervical cancer

may have been studied for decades and has proven to have positive effects in cancer research, but it has been very rare for human clinical trials have been conducted using this ingredient. However, scientists have found that the benefits are very effective and there are almost negligible negative side effects.

Despite being proven by his powers of prevention and treatment cancer, oil black cumin seeds has not been given any recognition of these benefits of conventional medicine.

The following guide This provision affects the cancer-fighting benefits of oil black cumin seeds found in research studies.

Cancer treatment with black seeds for centuries

According to two different studies conducted in 2011, researchers in China and Saudi Arabia reviewed the scientific literature behind the use of black seed oil to fight cancer. After review, the researchers re-confirm the benefits of fighting cancer this natural and safe oil seed. It was found that black seed oil was being used as part of traditional medicine for thousands of years. The anti-cancer benefits come from its extract thymoquinone and oil. In addition to cancer, but could also fight several diseases including:

– Cardiovascular complications

– asthma

– Diabetes

– kidney disease

And much more.

It has also been found to be safe and effective in the fight against cancer in the blood system, kidneys, prostate, lung, cervix, skin, liver and breast.

These scientists found that the extract thymoquinone worked as an antioxidant. the body’s defense system was strengthened.

The works of oil black seeds by induction of apoptosis, which helps your body to kill the following types of cells without the release of toxins:

– unwanted cells

– The old cells

– not healthy cells (such as cancer cells)

also found that controlled the oil Akt pathway. This means that control of the processes involved in managing cell survival. This controls both cancer cells and normal cells healthy. The cancer-fighting properties of Nigella sativa have had been recognized for centuries. But modern scientific research has begun to study this crucial traditional medicine only for the last 20-30 years.

powerful benefits of black seeds and honey – Part of folk medicine

Researchers from Egypt held studies on the protective benefits of beans and honey Nigella cancer and oxidative stress created in rats that were exposed to strong carcinogen. There were four groups of rats were exposed to the specific carcinogen.

-. Some of these groups were given honey or black seeds

-. One group received both honey and black seeds

6 months later it was discovered that rats who took black seeds were 80 percent protected against the development of cancer and oxidative stress. It was found that rats given black seeds and honey every day to have 100 percent protection against the development of cancer, oxidative stress and inflammatory responses.

using seed oil Black to help with radiation treatments

Researchers of Turkey made a finding promising in 2014 when they studied black seed oil and found to have potential for those who are already receiving radiation treatment for cancer benefits. The researchers found that cancer patients suffering severe side effects from radiation therapy. Parents suffered these side effects, both during and after being treated. the impact of irradiation and black seed oil in liver tissue oxidant and antioxidant system in the case of the irradiated rats were studied.

Indian scientists in 2012 conducted a research study of the effects of black seed extract in mice that were exposed to gamma radiation. Two groups were involved:

– normal healthy mice

– tumor-bearing mice

the experiment was installed in a way to mimic the human clinical setting in healthy tissues in cancer patients receive radiation exposure. black seed extract given to the mice before they were exposed to gamma radiation. 100 mg of extract was given to them per 1 kg body weight. The results were surprising:

The seed extract black helped protect the liver, brain, intestines and spleen against damage from gamma radiation in mice with tumors and mice healthy. They reached the following conclusion: liquid extract of black seeds offer protective benefits against damage caused by radiation and against biochemical alterations. The extract is able to scavenge free radicals and have antioxidant benefits. This liquid extract of black seeds can also be used for human cancer patients receiving radiation therapy. It can help protect against oxidative stress in the case of healthy tissue. It may also be useful in mitigating several other unnecessary side effects that come with radiation. The ingredient can thus help improve the quality of life of cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy .

Effects of black seeds in cells of liver cancer and uncontrolled cell growth

studied the thymoquinone Indian scientists in 2013 involving two groups of rats suffering from liver cancer. Water containing 0.01 percent thymoquinone was given to the first group, while tap water was given to the second group.

The researchers measured markers of liver damage, liver cancer nodules and tumor markers after a period of 4 months. The group that did not receive thymoquinone experienced significant increase in the size of the tumor in the liver. Rats given 20 mg of thymoquinone for 1 kg body weight were found to have their markers of liver injury and reduced tumor markers. There was no development of cancer nodules in this group. There was no formation of smaller tumors compared with the group that received no thymoquinone.

Scientists concluded that thymoquinone helped in the treatment of liver cancer due to its powerful ability in preventing the proliferation of cancer cells.

In another study in Egypt involving cells of human liver cancer, scientists conducted laboratory experiments. antitumor properties of oil and honey bee black seeds in 2012. We studied the antioxidant capacity of black seed extract and honey was studied. They also examined how substances could help in eliminating diseased cells such as cancer. The results were that these two ingredients effectively reduce cell viability of liver cancer. Also they improve antioxidant status of cells, inducing death of cancer cells apoptosis through.

Black seed oil and cells of lung cancer

Researchers from Saudi Arabia claimed in 2014 use of black seeds in traditional medicine for the treatment of various diseases. The anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant benefits of black seed oil have been known for a long time. They studied the anti-cancer properties, both black seed oil and its extract in cell human lung cancer in laboratory conditions.

The lung cancer cells were exposed to black seed oil or extract for a period of up to 24 hours. The ingredients used were 0.01 mg per ml of oil or 1 mg per ml of extract. the viability of cancer cells after exposure were evaluated.

oil and black seed extract to make significant reduction in the number of living cancer cells are not found. Also alteration of cell morphology. It was also found that the concentration of oil / extract as much high caused cell death. In fact, cancer cells also lost their usual appearance and became smaller. Scientists have concluded that the black seed extract and oil caused significant reduction of cell viability of human lung cancer.

black seed and brain cancer malignant cells

In 2013, scientists at Ohio State University published a study that showed glioblastoma be the most destructive and common type of human malignant brain tumor. In this case, the median survival rate was only 15 months. Thymoquinone found in black seed oil is a potent bioactive compound. It has anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and even selective cytotoxic properties to human cell. In other words, it destroys human cancer cells without harming normal healthy cells.

In this study, researchers studied thymoquinone and found that inhibit the activity of the brain glioblastoma cells and spinal cord cancer selectively creating their own clones. But it also found that thymoquinone did not have the same effect on the activity of healthy, normal cells.

also found that the genes thymoquinone inhibits autophagy in cancer cells. It is because of autophagy that tumor cells are able to continue growing through the regular cellular energy production. Once autophagy was inhibited, this type of energy production in cancer cells was also inhibited. This causes deterioration of tumor activity and prolongs the survival of the affected organs with tumors.

Therefore, thymoquinone has been found to cause inhibition decisions clone cancer cells. It also inhibits autophagy. All this means it can be a very potent ingredient in cancer therapy.

Black Seeds and breast cancer

Scientists in Malaysia conducted a study in 2013 on the efficacy against of thymoquinone cancer. It was used in laboratory conditions during long term treatment of the cell lines of human breast cancer. The study found that the component had persistent capacity in inhibiting cell proliferation of breast cancer when used for long-term treatment. It was found that the amount of thymoquinone dose to determine the duration of inhibition.

seeds black and leukemia colored cells

Researchers in Malaysia published a study in 2013 nothing growing interest in the application of natural compounds that are used in traditional medicine showing skills against cancer.

Black seed (Nigella sativa) is one of the most studied plants comes from parts of India and the Mediterranean Sea. The researchers studied the benefits of fighting cancer thymoquinone through the introduction of apoptosis caused mitochondrial dysfunction. This was assessed in the case of acute leukemia cell line. They found that treatment of leukemia cells using this compound helped apoptosis caused cell death. It was concluded by these scientists Malaysian thymoquinone had great potential in the treatment of leukemia.

Black seed oil and cells of colon cancer

Scientists at the University of Mississippi Medical Center they examined previous studies on antioxidants and their benefits in the fight against some disease processes, including cancer. His studies focused on the richest catechin called epigallocatechin green tea-3-gallate, and thymoquinone of black seeds.

black seeds have been known to have strong skills treasures. Inhibit oxidative stress. People in the Middle East have been using for thousands of years to cure many types of diseases.

This study was conducted based on a study conducted in 2007 by researchers. 2007 study said 5-fluorouracil, the drug used for chemotherapy, was the most effective in treating colon cancer. But the researchers also noted in the study that 5-FU had many side effects as it could address both cancerous and healthy cells.

So the researchers studied how catechin (green tea), thymoquinone (black seeds), and 5-FU (chemotherapy drug) caused structural alterations within the cells of colon cancer human and metabolic activity in laboratory cultures affected. They found that thymoquinone and catechin assisted in the destruction of a large population of cancer cells. They were also found to interfere with cellular metabolic functions. This could be compared to the effects on cells exposed to 5-FU. A morphological, cellular changes were performed after the cells were exposed to thymoquinone and catechin for 24 hours. Again, this could be compared to cell changes observed in the case of cells that received exposure to 5-FU (the chemotherapy drug). These researchers at the University of Mississippi Medical Center concluded that these natural agents are potentially safe for the treatment of colon cancer .

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