Watch: What This Woman Pulled Out From Her Leg Using Tweezers Is Shockingly Relieving

On the Internet there are many articles about some strange and unknown insects. In a specific article a huge winged insect was taken from the ear of a man, and the other was about a farmer who died after being bitten by an infected tick virus. YouTube user, Shannon Shields, uploaded a video entitled “The elimination of monster … some of my leg.”


Apparently, every day are finding unusual things everywhere.

The following video shows a woman parasite extracting some strange looking deeply embedded in her leg.

She has a pair of tweezers and tries to pull the scab off his brown skin.

However, as the thing appears is buried so deeply into the skin than I expected. That is not easy. It took more than a few attempts before it gets tight control over the unknown parasite.

Finally, the lady manages to eliminate the creature, leaving behind a small deep hole.

Here you can see the video:


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