World No Tobacco Day 2019: Ayurvedic home remedies that curb the need to smoke or chew tobacco

According to Amol Naikawadi, a specialist in preventive health care and JMD, Indus Health Plus said: "In our reports, it was observed that approximately 80% of people were exposed to tobacco in some way in their lives. The lungs are the most affected parts due to tobacco use. People in the fourth decade (40-49) are the most addicted to tobacco. This is followed by a fifth (50 – 59) and the third decade (30 – 39). The younger generation uses smoke and smokeless tobacco due to peer pressure, style and stress. Strong willpower, medical / psychological counseling and oral medication help overcome smoking. "Timely routine controls along with preventive measures are essential to avoid the risk of diseases, which can occur due to smoking."

If you use tobacco in any form, this World Tobacco Day is committed to giving up you and your loved ones. Try these Ayurvedic tips and home remedies and take a step towards a healthy life.

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